A-level Mathematics/AQA

This Wikibook is about A-level Mathematics, designed to follow the AQA syllabus, but is not endorsed by AQA.


Module Code AS or A2
Pure Core 1 MPC1 AS
Pure Core 2 MPC2 AS
Pure Core 3 MPC3 A2
Pure Core 4 MPC4 A2
Further Pure 1 MFP1 AS
Further Pure 2 MFP2 A2
Further Pure 3 MFP3 A2
Further Pure 4 MFP4 A2
Statistics 1 MS1A (with coursework)
MS1B (without coursework)
Statistics 2 MS2A (with coursework)
MS2B (without coursework)
Statistics 3 MS03 A2
Statistics 4 MS04 A2
Mechanics 1 MM1A (with coursework)
MM1B (without coursework)
Mechanics 2 MM2A (with coursework)
MM2B (without coursework)
Mechanics 3 MM03 A2
Mechanics 4 MM04 A2
Mechanics 5 MM05 A2
Decision 1 MD01 AS
Decision 2 MD02 A2

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