9-1 Chemistry


9-1 Chemistry is a textbook designed to act as a free, reliable guide for students attempting the 9-1 Chemistry GCSE. It is part of the 9-1 Series of wikibooks.

The table of contents has been structured around the AQA Specification.

This book is intended to be read chronologically.

We recommend that you are familiar with most of GCSE Mathematics as physics, like other sciences, relies on mathematics. Also, if you want to learn how to make the most of this textbook please read here.

Atomic structure and the periodic table 0% developedEdit

A simple model of the atom 
The periodic table  
Properties of transition metals  
Atomic structure questions  

Bonding, structure and properties of matter 0% developedEdit

Chemical bonds; ionic, covalent and metallic  
How bonding and structure relate to properties of substances  
Structure and bonding of carbon  
Bulk and surface properties of matter including nanoparticles  
Topic questions  

Quantitative Chemistry 0% developedEdit

Quantitative interpretation of chemical equations 
Amount of substance in relation to masses of pure substances  
Yield and atom economy  
Concentrations of solutions 
Amount of substance in relation to volumes of gases 
Topic questions  

Chemical changes 0% developedEdit

Reactivity of metals  
Reactions of acids  
Topic questions  

Energy changes 0% developedEdit

Exothermic and endothermic reactions  
Chemical cells and fuel cells  
Topic questions  

Rate and extent of chemical change 0% developedEdit

Rate of reaction  
Reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium  
Topic questions  

Organic chemistry 0% developedEdit

Carbon compounds as fuels and feedstock  
Reactions of alkenes and alcohols  
Synthetic and naturally occurring polymers  
Topic questions  

Chemical analysis 0% developedEdit

Purity, formulations and chromatography  
Identification of common gases  
Identification of ions  
Topic questions  

Chemistry of the atmosphere 0% developedEdit

The composition and evolution of the Earth's atmosphere  
Carbon dioxide and methane as greenhouse gases 
Common atmospheric pollutants and their sources  
Topic questions  

Using resources 0% developedEdit

Using the Earth's resources and obtaining potable water  
Life cycle assessment and recycling 
Ways of reducing the use of resources  
Using materials  
The Haber process and the use of NPK fertilisers  
Topic questions  

Practice Papers 0% developedEdit


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