Zelda franchise strategy guide/Races/Goron

Gorons are a fictional humanoid rock-eating race in the Legend of Zelda game series.

Goron biology edit

Gorons eat rocks and as they grow older they develop rocky growths on their backs. Since Gorons eat rocks, the Gorons themselves gets heavier. With their heavy weight, they are hopeless on water because they'll sink to the bottom. Some Gorons grow to an extremely large size for no apparent reason. They can curl up to look like odd-shaped stones or boulders. This is also how they sleep. When curled-up, some Gorons can roll around rapidly. Gorons who are endowed with fairy magic grow metal spikes when they do, which can be used as a weapon. Gorons are also resistant to heat, to the point of being able to walk through lava. This is a valuable capability when searching for food inside mountains.

The Goron "special crop" edit

Gorons grow Bomb Flowers, their "special crop" which resemble bombs in both appearance and function. These look like a standard bomb with a flower growing on top, and 3 large leaves growing outwards. Underneath the "bomb" is the stem (with the leaves growing out), but normally this is not visible. Bomb Flowers break easily from their stems but once plucked they soon explode. The stem and leaves of the flower are bomb-proof so a bomb-flower can't blow itself up, probably a defense-mechanism. Apparently Gorons use the plant for mining.

Notable Gorons edit

Goron culture edit

Apparently Goron culture revolves around family, honor and strength (compare Klingon). Somewhat oddly it appears that they don't find mining their ancestors corpses dishonorable or unethical (see below). They are a peaceful, sometimes lazy race with little ability to defend themselves, although they are quite large and strong.