Yiddish for Yeshivah Bachurim

Though the Yiddish language took a heavy toll during the Holocaust, when most of its speakers were lost, the language is still commonly used to give shiurim or musar shmuessn in yeshivos. Unfortunately, many English-speaking yeshiva-students, though they already know many Yiddish words, and even incorporate them into their English, are unable to understand a full shiur given in Yiddish.

The purpose of this guide is to teach enough vocabulary and grammar to understand a Yiddish shiur.

Table of Contents

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  1.   Reading Yiddish
  2.   Conjugating verbs
  3.   Verbs with prefixes and זיך
  4.   Possessive pronouns


  1.   Some very common words
  2.   Questions
  3.   Prepositions
  4.   Verbs
  5.   Nouns and adjectives
  6.   Phrases that do not fit into other lessons


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