XSLTForms/Naming Conventions

In its current form, this book is the product of many hands. Usage of namespace prefixes and variable names is not consistent across the pages of the book.

As a step towards beginning to make the book more consistent, however, this page lists some conventions the reader will encounter in at least some page in the book.

Namespaces and namespace prefixes


It's not always convenient to provide explicit namespace declarations in every example in a book. In principle, the rules of XML namespaces mean that any prefix (including the empty prefix) can be used to denote any namespace, but as a convention, the namespace prefixes listed here will sometimes be used without declaration in examples. When that is the case, they should be understood as being bound to the namespaces indicated. (Often more than one prefix for the same namespace is listed here; that is one form of inconsistency in the current state of the book.)

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Other naming conventions


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