XSLTForms/Instance Loading

An easy error to make is to give the wrong URI when pointing to an external instance (in the src or resource attribute).

Symptom: If the URI cannot be dereferenced, XSLTForms will raise an xforms-link-exception; normally, this will result in a popup window reporting an XSLTForms Exception: Error dispatching event 'xforms-model-construct' : xforms-link-exception.

Possible diagnosis: An instance cannot be loaded.

Actually, xforms-link-exception may also arise in other contexts, as well, so this diagnosis is not certain. One way to confirm it is to comment out the xf:instance element(s), one at a time, to see what happens. If commenting out an instance causes no change, that instance is unlikely to be the problem. If the instance is the source of the link error, commenting it out will normally cause the xforms-link-exception to be replaced by xforms-bind-exceptions.

Fix: get the URI right.