Who uses XSLTForms?

For a start, XSLTForms ships with software products from a variety of sources.

  • XSLTForms is also bundled with the open-source XML database eXist from version 1.4 on. A demonstration is available on the eXist Web site. There is also a section on XSLTForms and eXist in the XRX WikiBook.
  • Xerox uses XSLTForms in its DocuShare product (among others), as well as in wikis, weblogs, and content-repository administrative pages; background information is given in a blog post on Leigh Klotz's Standards and Technology weblog.

A number of users and organizations use XSLTForms for their XForms applications. Some of these are publicly available tools for working with particular vocabularies:

  • Joe Carmel (formerly the chief of Legislative Computer Systems at the U.S. House of Representatives) has published an information page and an XForm for editing documents in the StratML (Strategic Plan Markup Language) XML vocabulary. Andre Cusson of 01 Communications has extended Carmel's work to make a form for StratML Part 2 documents.

Other publicly available uses of XSLTForms are intended as demonstrations or examples:

  • The Open Siddur Project uses XSLTForms in its ("pre-alpha") demo of a Web application for putting together a siddur from component parts and compiling the results to HTML. [Broken when visited 20 July 2012]