Wine/Grape Vines

Vine History and Movement edit

Humans have cultivated Wine since ancient times. The drink is mentioned quite often by ancient Greeks and Romans, and it also appears in a number of religious texts.

Vine Lifecyle and Morphology edit

Grape vines can live for well over 100 years. The number of grapes grown is highest when the vine is under about 20 years old. However some growers insist that older vines give superior grapes.

Growing Regions edit

The specific region in which a wine is grown has a noted effect on the resulting grape, and by extension the wines made from it.

Climates edit

Climate determines where grapes will grow. More then that, climate determines where grapes will merely grow adequately, or where they will excel.

Soil edit

Winemakers pay special attention to the soil in which grapes are grown. For example in France the makers of Champagne famously use chalky soil for growing their grapes.

Vine Diseases edit

Disease poses a threat to grape vines. This often comes from fungus.

Vine Training edit