Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife gardening is the deliberate modification of a locality to influence the composition, diversity, abundance or health of the organisms that inhabit it. These modifications can provide significant aesthetic, conservation, dietary, recreational, and spiritual value to humans and wildlife alike.



This Wikibook is a descriptive textbook and instructional manual for wildlife gardening, assisting readers in shaping their local ecology to meet their personal goals. Please consult our manual of style before contributing.


  • Common habitat features
    • Brush piles
    • Forests
    • Ponds
    • Rock piles
  • Bat houses
  • Bird feeders
    • Hummingbird feeders
  • Bird houses
    • Wood duck nesting boxes



Taxon evaluation tables


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=Example gardens


In Chalakkudy river side forests many jack fruit,mango ,Gua trees are there.These may be because of many tribal inhabitants as well as tourist movements.

Myself tried to make a contribution by planting anjily trees- similar to pine trees,but yearly yields sweet small jack fruits like fruits. Just spread nearly thousands of such seeds of anjily fruits.

Because unlike jack fruits these fruits are small but rich with nutritional contents.So monkeys can have the same easily, not waiting for human/ tourists thrown away foods.

The project requires support from forest officials, because with out their permission it will be a trespassing.

Waiting for comments & viability of the project.

Because of presence of 3 step dams in this river,365 days *24 hours water is available here & hence green forest.

The place is at India - Kerala - Near Thrissur Ernakulam national highway.


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