What writing system(s) does this language use? edit

Thai language is written using Thai script.

ก Gaw Gai

ข Kaw Kai

ฃ Kaw Kuat

ค Kaw Kwai

ฅ Kaw Kon

ฆ Kaw Ra Kang

ง Ngaw Nguu

จ Jaw Jaan

ฉ Chaw Ching

ช Chaw Chang

ซ Saw Soo

ฌ Chaw Cher

ญ Yaw (Pu) Ying

ฎ Daw Cha Daa

ฏ Dtaw Bpa Dtak

ฐ Taw Taan

ฑ Taw Mon Too

ฒ Taw Puu Tao

ณ Naw Nane

ด Daw Dek

ต Dtaw dtao

ถ Taw Tung

ท Taw Tahan

ธ Taw Tong

น Naw Nuu

บ Baw Bai Mai

ป Bpaw Bplaa

ผ Paw Pung

ฝ Faw Faa

พ Paw Paan

ฟ Faw Faan

ภ Paw Sam Pao

ม Maw Maa

ย Yaa Yaak

ร Raw Rua

ล Law Ling

ว Waw Waen

ศ Saw Sala

ษ Saw Ru Si

ส Saw Sua

ห Haw Heep

ฬ Law Ju Laa

อ Aw Aang

ฮ Haw Nok whook

How many people speak this language? edit

As of 2000, there are 21 million people who consider Thai as there first language. As of 2001, there are 40 million people who consider Thai as their second language.

Where is this language spoken? edit

Native range of Thai and closely related Tai languages in Thailand

Thai (ภาษาไทย-phāːsǎːthāi) is the official language of Thailand.

What is the history of this language? edit

During the Ming dynasty, Yingya Shenglan (1405–1433), Ma Huan reported on the language of the Xiānluó (暹羅), saying that it somewhat resembled the local patois as pronounced in Guangdong: 107  Thai has undergone various historical sound changes. Some of the most significant changes occurred during the evolution from Old Thai to modern Thai. The Thai writing system has an eight-century history and many of these changes, especially in consonants and tones, are evidenced in the modern orthography.

Who are some famous authors or poets in this language? edit

  • King Phra Phutthaloetla Naphalai, also known as King Rama II of Siam (r. 1809-1824), was a gifted poet and playwright and is also a great patron of artists. His reign was known as the "golden age of Rattanakosin literature". His literary salon was responsible for reviving and repairing many important works of literature which were damaged or lost during the sack of Ayutthaya. Poets, including Sunthorn Phu, thrived under his patronage. King Loetlanaphalai was himself a poet and artist.

What are some basic words in this language that I can learn? edit

Translation Transliteration
hello/goodbye สวัสดี sawàtdii
goodbye ลาก่อน lææ-kɔ̀ɔn
thank you ขอบคุณ khɔ̀ɔp khun
you're welcome ไม่เป็นไร mâi pen rai
yes ใช่ châi
no ไม่ใช่ mâi châi
excuse me, sorry ขอโทษ khɔ̌ɔ thôot
How are you? สบายดีไหม sàbaay dii mǎay?
I am fine สบายดี sàbaay dii
what is your name? คุณชื่ออะไร khun chɯ̂ɯ àrai?
my name is ... ผม/ดิฉันชื่อ... phǒm/dìchǎn chɯ̂ɯ...
nice to know you ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก yindii thîi dâi rúucàk
nice to know you too เช่นกัน chen gun
How much does this cost? ราคาเท่าไร ra ka thao rai?

Polite language in Thai requires that a politeness marker be at the end of every phrase. The markers differ according to the gender of the speaker:

Gender of speaker Marker Transliteration
male ครับ khráp
female (question) คะ khá
female (statement) ค่ะ khâ

What is a simple song/poem/story that I can learn in this language? edit

งาม แสงเดือน (Ngam Sang Duan) is a traditional Ramwong dance song. Men and women dance to it as pairs in a circle.

งาม แสงเดือน (Ngam Sang Duan) Folk Song (Thai)

งาม แสง เดือน มา เยือน ส่อง หล้า งาม ใบ หน้า มา สู่ วง รำ รำ เล่น กัน เพื่อ สนุก เปลื้อง ทุกข์ คลาย ระกำ ขอให้ เล่น ฟ้อนรำ เพื่อ สามัคคี เอย

Beautiful Moonlight Folk Song (English)

The beautiful moonlight visits the sky.
Beautiful ladies come to the dance circle.
We dance together for fun,
To remove unhappiness and lighten sorrow.
I request a dance for unity.

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