What writing system(s) does this language use?


Tausug and almost all of the languages in the Philippines are written using the Latin alphabet. Tausug language has only three vowels, a, i and u.

Upper case A B C D F G H I J K L M N NG P Q R S T U V W Z X Y Z
Lower case a b c d f g h i j k l m n ng p q r s t u v w x y z

The Tausug alphabet includes all of the same letters we use in English, along with 'Ng', a digraph already available as a single character in Baybayin.


Engraved — to carve into a material.


Colonize — to migrate and settle a place and occupy as a colony.


digraph — when two letters are used to show one sound.

How many people speak this language?


Where is this language spoken?

Areas where Tausug is the majority language

Tausug is an Austronesian language spoken in the province of Sulu in the Philippines and in the eastern area of the state of Sabah, Malaysia, by the Tausūg people.

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What are some basic words in this language that I can learn?

Tubag Responses
huw-un yes
diy' no
siguro probably, perhaps
Mga Pagbati Greetings
Kumusta? Hi, how are you?
Masadya man, magsukul. I'm fine, thank you.
Asalamu alaykum. Good day.
Asalamu alaykum. Good morning.
Asalamu alaykum. Good midday.
Asalamu alaykum. Good afternoon.
Marayaw duwn. Good evening.
Magsukul Thank you
Mura-murahan. You're welcome.
Saram na hadja kaniyu. Good-bye.
Basic phrases
Manjari ka kaw magbisara Anggalis ? Do you speak English?
Hain in panjajambanan? Where is the bathroom?
Mabaya' ku . . . I like . . .
Di' aku mabaya' . . . I don't like . . .
In ngān ku hi . . . My name is . . .
Unu in ngān mu? What's your name?
Numero Numbers
isa one
duwa two
upat four
lima five
unum six
pitu seven
walu eight
siyam nine
hangpu ten
Counting Units
gatus hundred
ibu thousand
milyon million

What is a simple song/poem/story that I can learn in this language?