Wikijunior:How Things Work/Authors

If you have made contributions to this Wikibook and would like to have formal credit for being an author, please add your name to the list below:

  • User:Alexander Winifred Contributed greatly to the Rockets article, including but not limited to creating the section 'The Future of Rockets', created diagrams, and sourced images for the article.
  • Rob Horning Proposed and started book
  • Chris Brown Wrote section on Air conditioning and Refrigeration
  • User:SBJohnny Interested in the project, particularly adding sections on the history of the machines, and how things were done before the machines were invented.
  • User:Delita2002 Wrote a little on the wheel, and may continue to add more.
  • User:Mcgill Making some illustrations. Started with laser.
  • Ferretinator Some information on microwave ovens.
  • User:jamtexas Created the entry on "Time".
  • User:RT Jones Wrote Binary section and intend to continue commentary from the veiw point of a child.
  • User:buddpaul Performed general proofreading, typo corrections, generic editing to provide terse language when warranted
  • Palmtree3000 Just general work on the pages
  • Whoop whoop pull up Worked on a few entries, especially "Light Bulb".
  • Swat --- Improved a few topics and will continue improving this Wikibook.
  • Brownlowe.2: Worked on the Flush Toilets article and doing more including simplifying things for the young ones
  • Red-back spider Improved sections and made a how-it-works article, "Sewing Machines"