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When, Where, and to whom was he or she born?Edit

Alexander Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 3, 1847

What was his or her childhood like?Edit

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The family home was at 16 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh and has a commemorative marker at the doorstep, marking this as Alexander Graham Bell's birthplace.

Why did this person become interested in science?Edit

As a child, young Alexander displayed a natural curiosity about his world, resulting in gathering botanical specimens as well as experimenting even at an early age.

Where did this person go to school?Edit

As a young child Bell, like his brothers, received his early schooling at home from his father. Later he went to a college in London. He went to school for 5 years.

What problem did he or she uncover that needed solving?Edit

His efforts resulted in a remarkably lifelike head that could "speak," albeit only a few words.

What solutions had already been tried that did not solve the problem? Why wasn't it working?Edit

Bell continued to experiment with a live subject, the family's Skye terrier, "Trouve"

What did this person invent that solved the problem?Edit

Alexander Graham Bell

How did the invention solve the problem?Edit

He thought he could harness the new electronic technology by creating a machine with a transmitter and receiver that would send sounds telegraphically to help people hear.

How has this inventor changed people and the world?Edit

It allowed people from all over the world to keep in touch regardless of distance.

What happened to this inventor in the end?Edit

Bell died of diabetes on 2 August 1922, at his private estate, Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia, at age 75.

If you could ask this inventor one question, what would you ask?Edit

How did you make the telephone?

If you could bring this inventor to today and tell him or her one thing, what would you tell him or her about the effect of his or her invention?Edit

How easy was it to make the telephone?