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Included countries edit

The following are included;

Country Reason Notes
Taiwan Widely-recognized country Will be called "Taiwan" instead of "Republic of China" in the book to avoid confusion.
The PRC will be called simply "China"
Vatican City Widely-recognized country, U.N. observer
Western Sahara One page will be created called simply "Western Sahara", and will be for the whole of Western Sahara, not just the part controlled by Morocco or SADR.

Explanation of parameters edit

Parameters for Template:Wikijunior:Countries A-Z/Page layout edit

Continent edit

This parameter defines the continent the country is located on. It's only visible use is in the "quick info" section at the bottom of the page, where it appears along side the link to the Wikipedia article and the name of the capital city. If the country is transcontinental (located on multiple continents, for example: France, Egypt, Russia) use |continent2=, |continent3=, etc.

If a country has territories on a continent but is not itself located on that continent, use |territory_continent=, |territory-continent2=, etc. Please do not be to too technical about what is a territory and what is not. If you have questions ask on the talk page.

Below is a list of allowed continents. For consistency use only these continents.

Allowed continents
Continent name Encompasses... Notes
Europe Europe Iceland included, but not Greenland. Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan are considered to be both in Asia and Europe.
Asia Asia and the Middle East Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan are considered to be both in Asia and Europe.
Africa Africa France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy are all are partially located in Africa, as they all have islands considered to be in Africa
Oceania Australia, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia Papua New Guinea is considered to be in both Asia and Oceania.
North America North America, the Caribbean, and Central America Greenland is considered to be in North America, meaning that Denmark is located in both Europe and North America.
South America South America Also includes Caribbean nations close in territory to South America, a.k.a. Grenada and the Netherlands' Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire
Antarctica Antarctica and sub-Antarctic islands Should not be added for countries just with claims on Antarctica. Countries that should have Antarctica as a continent: New Zealand (numerous sub-Antarctic islands), Chile (same), Australia (Macquarie Island), South Africa (Prince Edward Islands), Argentina (Tierra del Fuego)

Countries that should have Antarctica as a territory_continent, and the only countries that should have this are Norway (Bouvet Island), the United Kingdom (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Isles), France (Crozet Islands, Île Saint-Paul, Île Amsterdam),