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South Africa
Zulu: iNingizimu Afrika
Xhosa: uMzantsi Afrika
Afrikaans: Suid-Afrika
    Northern Sotho: Afrika Borwa    Tswana: Aforika Borwa    Sotho: Afrika Borwa    Tsonga: Afrika-Dzonga    Tsonga: Afrika-Dzonga    Swazi: iNingizimu Afrika    Venza: Afurika Tshipembe    Southern Ndebele: iSewula Afrika

A photo of South Africa
     flag: Flag of South Africa • continent: Africa • capitals: Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town • further reading: The Wikipedia article on South Africa, the Wikijunior:Africa page on South Africa, and the Wikivoyage travel guide for South Africa • Wikibooks: Afrikaans • Zulu • Cookbook:Cuisine of South Africa

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