Wikibooks:Single-purpose account

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A single-purpose account is one that appears to be created for a single purpose — usually to participate in a WB:RFD or to add to a pivotal discussion. While Wikibookians generally encourage anonymous users to participate, add content, register, and become regular users, users that create a "single-purpose account" to merely "stack the votes" or add weight to discussions are discouraged to do so and may be discounted when judging if there such a discussion has created a consensus.

Wikibookians, however, are encouraged to assume the good faith of new user's intentions — even if the user's first and only contribution is to a particular discussion. As such, this module outlines a contradiction that is a direct result of attempts to judge consensus. Arguably, unless single-purpose accounts are outrightly banned from participating in discussion, there is little actionable guideline that can be created in regards to single-purpose accounts. Instead, when attempting to judge if consensus has been created in a particular discussion, the possibility that single-purpose accounts were active should be — just as other factors should be — taken into account.