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Please review the current version of the policy as proposed:

Wikibooks:Deletion policy


The current deletion policy is mainly a collection of best practices by administrators on this project. As such, this has become a defacto policy, but it still hasn't recieved a formal vote by the community to become enforced policy. Because this does deal with the actual content of Wikibooks, and enforcement of practices by users (especially administrators) it is important that some sort of formal policy be adopted.

The current policy has been listed on Wikibooks for over two years, which should have generated most of comments about modifications to it for those who are interested. Still, experience shows that once a major move (like becoming an enforced policy) occurs there are many people who feel left out from the decision making process.

Feel free to also propose specific ammendments to this policy that might be beneficial to the community. This page, however, is not a substitute for Wikibooks talk:Deletion policy, where general discussion about this policy should still take place.

Key points

There are several key points to review with this policy:

  • Speedy Deletion Criteria
    Some users are confused that administrators can remove content without even holding a vote for deletion. The justifications for removing content immediately are narrow and have proven useful to avoid clutter on the VfD page. This policy explicitly covers what that criteria would be.
  • Copyright Violation Enforcement
    This is the "official" policy for Wikibooks regarding copyright violation enforcement.
  • Administrator Ettiquette for Deletion
    Goes over the dos and don'ts of administrator actions regarding the deletion of content. These are mainly guidelines to administrator behavior, but can be useful to point at when having a serious dispute with administrators or going before stewards and an arbitration board.

It is important to note that by making this enforced, it is not the final edit for this content. It can be ammended and changed in the future, through community concensus.


  • Only registered users with at least 20 edits can vote.
  • Vote ends at April, 15th 00:01 GMT
  • Add votes in the format #~~~~


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