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Entrepreneur and using ICTEdit

Getting started
The Idea Factory
Getting Started as an Entrepreneur
Why Be a Social Entrepreneur
Social Money
For Profit or Not
Legal Structures
Nuts and Bolts of Company Formation
Profile: A Failure Success Story
Profile: Chemical Attraction
What Makes it a Company
Defining the Opportunity
Customers and market
Profile: Cleaning Up
Evaluating the Market
Identifying Your Customers
Profile: Marketing to the Poor
Reaching the Customer
Show Me the Numbers
Start Spreading the News
The Competition
Debt and Equity
Finding the Money
Pieces of the Pie
Profile: Student-Run, Their Way
Profile: Waiting a While
Your Equity Circle
Entrepreneurship Is
Market and Product
Profile: Ideas Atop Wheels
Evaluate Your Idea
Profile: A Sense of Success
Your Intellectual Property
Business Models
Business Plans
Licensing as Part of the Plan
Social Entrepreneurship
Measuring Your Success
Finding the Money
Presenting Your Plan
Profile: Innovation in the Bag
Profile: Open to Learn
Managing Teams
Building a Healthy Team
Teams Make It Happen
Profile: Choosing Team Players
Profile: The Right Team
The Layers of a Team
Managing Groups and Teams
Getting Started in the US of A
Leveraging IT or ICT for organization and control
SME Adoption of ICT
List of Acronyms
E-Commerce and E-Business
General Policy Framework for ICT Adoption by SMEs
Concepts and Definitions
Specific Policy Recommendations for Governments
Suggestions for Further Reading
Works Cited
About the Author