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A Concise Guide to EditingEdit

for WikiTextEdit

Editing Wikitext
1. General Formatting
Editing Wikitext/Emphasis and Links
Editing Wikitext/Indents and Lists
Editing Wikitext/Headings
Editing Wikitext/Preformatted Text
2. Image Editing
Editing Wikitext/Pictures/The Quick Course
Editing Wikitext/Pictures/Tiled Images
Editing Wikitext/Pictures/Images in Containers
3. Table Editing
Editing Wikitext/Tables
Editing Wikitext/Tables Ready to Use
4. Template Editing
Editing Wikitext/Making Templates A101
Editing Wikitext/Templates Ready to Use
5. Fine Formatting
Editing Wikitext/Class and Style Notes
6. Index Formatting
Editing Wikitext/Indexing Your Work