Welding is one of the most important trades of the world in which we live. Welding is defined as 'the fusing of two or more pieces of metal or plastic'. It binds the office buildings in which we work, the malls where we hang out, and in every car that we will ever drive.

A welder for the US Air Force

Welding is most often a 'skilled trade', which means that not everyone can pick up a welding torch and build something, it must be learned. Because of this, welders using their individual skills are often paid well or above average wages. In the manufacturing industry where repetitive tasks are performed, welding operations are often performed by lower paid workers with limited skillsets or those operations are mechanized or automated.

Welding is a wide ranging and diverse process that incorporates many process and skills. Some of these are very simple while others are more complex.

Interested? It actually doesn't take too long to learn, in some cases a journey person status can be reached in as little as 3 years. The skilled welder has a steady hand, good hand-eye coordination, and a good work ethic.

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