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Notices and other stuffEdit

Somewhat active again, see Projects below for where I'll be working.

Useful LinksEdit

Mostly for my use, but also because some of these are hard to find:

Contact MeEdit

  • AIM: XerolOplan
  • ICQ: 125672905
  • MSN:
  • Yahoo: xerol3
  • My Wikipedia userpage. Even when I'm inactive I still read wikipedia so if you post on my talk page, I'll get the notice.

I'm also on the Wikibooks IRC channel most of the time.


Diagrams and IllustrationsEdit

I'll be making nice vector diagrams whereever helpful, probably putting them up on commons.

My Cleanup TasksEdit

See User:Xerol/Cleanup.


General Template CleanupEdit

SoftwareVersion templates and Manual of StyleEdit

Working on templates for use in the SoftwareVersions project.


Feel free to comment in each section; feedback is always appreciated, especially if I'm wrong.