([[|Book]]) ([{{fullurl:User:Whiteknight/Collections/{{{1}}}|action=edit}} Create] - [{{fullurl:Wikibooks:Collections/{{{1}}}|action=edit}} Create]) (Create Notes){{{1}}}Unknown - Unknown

This template is used for displaying the name of a book, all relevant links, and transcluding the Notes page for that book. This is mostly used at User:Whiteknight/All Books.

Warning! This template makes heavy use of ParserFunctions, and may only be transcluded into one of my user pages. Attempts to edit this template by other people besides myself will likely be reverted. Plus, this template is very complex and convoluted, so any attempts to edit it will probably fail. I can't even do it right every time, and I know what's supposed to be happening.

1: Name of the book
title: Alternative name of the book, if it should be displayed differently from how the various pages are named.
code: The status code of the book.
pc: Alternative name of the personal collection, if any
cc: Alternative name of the community collection, if any
state: the state of the book on a sliding scale: bad, stub, expand, revise, review, candidate, featured.