EeMOD is an integrated product suite for education system with communication and coaching tools for schools and teachers. EeMOD is just a simple electronic tab which contains all your textbooks with more information's in detail with colorful pictures texts etc. EeMOD network enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication with students, colleagues, and parents. EeMOD will help students to achieve their goals in a much easier and hassle free way. It will help to make students more intelligent and smarter.

Features of the EeMOD and its amazing applications

1, Student app:    (built-in EeMOD device)

Students can read the text book and write notes in it. It has guide, dictionary, school curriculum, scientific calculator, arithmetic table, Knowledge city for  their use. They can get Up-to-date information from the School Notice Board, School Diary, Student ranking list, Progress report, class test results and information from the teachers through EeMOD itself. They can clear all their doubts from their teachers through the chat facility provided, for EeMOD also provides free chat and call facility for combined studies under the control of parents.

2, Teacher app: (Supported in EeMOD device, android tab, smart phones)

Mark students attendance; generate progress reports, class test results, students school level ranking, school notice board, parents or guardians information.  Manage proper homework, assignments, class tests, and school diary. Communicate with parents and students by chat

3, Parent app: (Supported in android and IOS smart phones)

Track current location of their children through GPS and monitor their whereabouts during School hours as they will get time of entry and exit through SMS. They can get up-to-date information on progress reports, class test results, students level ranking, home works, assignments, school notice  board, school diary teacher's information and school notifications. They can also send leave of absence letters to teachers through EeMOD. Parents can Easily Communicate with teachers and the school management.

4, School management module:

Complete school management with ERP, syllabus management, wards data, parent data teacher data, subjects and exams Uploading and updating students progress, school notice board and students ranking. Communicate with students, parents and teachers. Send messages/ reminders for students  fee, teachers leave, school programs