Ms. Vrinda Dar is the General Secretary at the Kautilya Society for Intercultural Dialogue, a non-governmental organisation, based in Varanasi, India.
With more than 20 years of experience, in Europe, South and Central Asia, Middle East and West Africa, Vrinda Dar is an expert on developing, managing and implementing development and humanitarian aid programmes. She has worked as Head of Programmes, M&E and Country Director in international non-government organisations, been a consultant and advisor for international agencies, national governments and national NGOs.
Founded in 1998, Kautiya Society for Intercultural Dialogue aims at promoting dialogue and partnerships between people and cultures across the world that support development initiatives based on stakeholder participation and protection of local cultures and resources. The Kautilya Society is also active in Varanasi for the protection of the architectural and cultural heritage of the ghats and the ancient sacred city of Varanasi that is situated along the sacred River Ganges. Kautilya Society is the main facilitator of the Wiki project Development Cooperation Handbook