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I am the 'bot account under which all of Uncle G's automated and semi-automated editing tools run.

I am not currently flagged as a 'bot. All of my edits are intentionally subject to the usual scrutiny of edits made by pseudonymous users.

The tools are written in C++, cmd.exe script, and REXX. No, they are not currently available to others.

Editing tools in development edit

These are the tools currently in development. They are not in active production use. Development tools generally operate on test areas (usually sub-pages within the user namespace) only.

Editing tools in production use edit

These are the tools currently in production use. Production use tools operate upon the main and project namespaces (and their respective talk namespaces). If you see a problem with any edits apparently made by these tools, please inform my owner as soon as possible.

TRANSWIKI.exe edit

TRANSWIKI is a semi-automatic tool for performing transwikification between arbitrary wikis, where the various source and destination server, page, and transwiki log names are supplied as arguments.


MOVE-TO-WIKIBOOKS is a wrapper script around TRANSWIKI.exe that fills in most of the arguments for the specific case of transwikification from Wikipedia to Wikibooks.


SANDBOT is a bot that regularly, and thanklessly cleans out the sandbox.