Normally I work on the German manual for the 3D-Software Blender. Blender Dokumentation I've one of the two main authors there and I've begun Mai 2005 with editing. In the German wikibook I have today (march 2009) over 7.000 Edits, so you may assume I'm pretty sure about the things I write.

I'm also contributing various pages for the English manual at [1].

My English skills are limited, so everything I write will need correction.

I intend to help with the book Blender 3D: Noob to Pro, because I hope for a reusability of articles for the German manual. I have also written the Piston, Rod and Crank Tutorial, but as User Soylentgreen without the capital G in the middle.

If you want to reach me please write on my discussion page either here or in the German wikibook, where I'm even more often than here.



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