I grew up in Richmond va. Then, I moved to Newport News to go to Christopher Newport University. After recieving my BA in Music, I moved to Norfolk to go to ODU and get my teacher's license. I have no idea what motovated me to be a teacher, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I can remember some good teachers, such as Mrs. Hearst the crazy chorus/ strings teacher. And I guess it's a good thing that children don't grow up uneducated. Currently, I work at Schlotzsky's Deli. I enjoy walks on the beach, midnight strolls, and candle light dinners.

A good teacher's first goal should be to care about every student. The teacher should see the full potential in the student and remind them of it. They should listen to the student. They should be able to motivate the students to do work. A good teacher organizes the material so that it makes sense to the student. They should be able to teach the big picture, the details, and how it connects to the larger world.

There are instructional strategies, classroom environments, and assessments that I would like to use in my classroom. Lecture and group assignments should be balanced. I am against extra credit, because extra work is a consequence, not a reward. On nice days, class should be outside, and students should be able to move around every so often. In younger grade levels, parents should be highly involved. Oral assesment is very important. They can guess on multiple choice, and look things up for essays. It is a very important and difficult skill to be able to judge yourself, and it should be stressed, but younger kids may not be able to handle it.