Hi, my name is Angel. People can find me mostly helping on SwiftIRC's network, irc.swiftirc.net, in #RSHelp. Helping RS users with their questions and helping those on access with moderation of the users. I've come and finally registered here to help with some minor edits, help clean up the vandalism, and give some suggestions. I also have a user page on Runescape Wikia as User:RSHelp.

Fastest way to contact me is on freenode. I'm in a number of wikipedia and wikia irc channels with the username RSHelp. You can mention RSHelp in the channels as it will highlight me and if I'm not too busy I will respond shortly. You can also check my away status on freenode by typing /whois RSHelp. If it does not say my away is on then I'm somewhere nearby.

If there are other wiki's that may need some help, please let me know.



Wiki PhilosophyEdit

Zero-revert rule
NPOV (Neutral point of view)


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