[Murray Todd Williams] (born: March 18, 1970) is a 34 year-old Coloradan, born and raised in Fort Collins. His interests are varied enough to suggest schizophrenia or multiple-personality disorder. Part of his brain belongs to the sciences—he has a B.A. in Mathematics from Pomona College and an M.S. in Statistics from Colorado State University. Despite that he has spent five years in New York City and two in Los Angeles pursuing acting, dance, voice and writing.

Murray has been an avid computer enthusiast since age eight. His computers of influence were (in order) the HP 85 and HP 9845/C, CDC Cyber, Apple II, TI 99/4A, "PC", IBM 4341, and various models of DEC VAX before he fell in love with Apple after the unveiling of OS X. He is co-author of the book "Early Adopter Mac OS X Java" ISBN 186100611X.

Recently Murray has become involved in Politics, motivated equally by his opposition to George W. Bush and the inspiration of Howard Dean. He helped establish the [Stonewall Young Democrats] in Los Angeles.