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Blog (short for web log) is an online journal and/or commentary on various topics written by an individual or group. Each entry, known as a post is commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Tags, also known as keywords, are used to organize and search for related posts.

Blog in Action: The Innovative Educator [1]

Video Overview by Common Craft[2]: Blogs in Plain English[3]


Wiki is a collaborative web site that when edited, changes are displayed in real time. The site and/or pages can be edited, added or deleted by a community or a specific group of people. Page history, or log of site activity, is automatically tracked allowing the site/page owner to return content to previous state.

Wiki in Action: Voicethread 4 Education [4]

Video Overview by Common Craft[5]: Wikis in Plain English[6]


Biggest difference? Posts in a blog are not authored or edited by the community, instead, comments are allowed at the end of each post.

--Modeane (talk) 18:17, 30 August 2010 (UTC)