Info for new users
Starting your first book
Help:Starting a new page or book is a good resource. If you need specific help with something, ask at WB:HELP.
Reporting vandalism
Report vandalism in progress on-wiki or in #wikibooks. Say !admin@enbooks in IRC to get attention. You can fix most vandalism yourself because this is a wiki. Users who fight vandalism may ask for rollback access.
Why did you delete that?
Check the deletion log for the reason (read any linked pages for details). Read the deletion policy. Check the VFD archives if applicable. If that doesn't answer your question, then ask. If you want it undeleted, ask at WB:VFU.
What does {{query}} mean?
This means that the page doesn't seem like the start of a textbook. Please leave a comment on the module's talk page if you are planning a textbook. If not, please replace {{query}} with {{delete|reason for deletion}}.
What do {{no license}} {{bad fairuse}} or {{no rationale}} mean?
All files uploaded to Wikibooks must have a license template and source; without that information, the upload will be deleted after 7 days. Please use {{information}} to provide this required information. Fair use images must have a {{fair use rationale}}. To add templates, do not re-upload the image. You must edit the image description page directly, the same way you do for other pages - click the edit this page tab. Wikibooks:Media has all the information you should need.
Contacting me
I've retired, so there's probably no need to do that.
If you want to help
New Pages New pages are sometimes vandalism, mistakes, copyright violations, nonsense, or otherwise not suitable for Wikibooks. For vandalism, nonsense and test edits, mark pages with {{delete|reason}}. For copyright violations, use {{copyvio|source}}. For mistakes, use {{query}}. For content that belongs on another wiki, use {{transwiki|Wiki}}. Users with experience patrolling may request patroller rights.
Uploads     Look through the recent uploads for copyright violations and media without license information. Add {{copyvio|source}} to copyvios; warn the uploader with {{subst:nothanks|page|~~~~}}. For media without license info, add {{subst:nld}}, and use the template code provided to warn them.
Vandalism  Look for vandalism in RC; fix it and warn the user. Large or tiny additions or deletions, replacing the page, and strange or offensive edit summaries are giveaways. Anon users are often the worst vandals. If there is repeated vandalism by one user, or lots of vandalism from many users, tell an admin on-wiki or in #wikibooks (say !admin@enbooks to get attention). Experienced vandal fighters may request rollback rights.
Redirects   To fix double redirects, make the first in the chain point to the last in the chain. All redirects should point to the current location of the content. To fix broken redirects, check if the page at the location that doesn't exist was moved elsewhere; if so, redirect to that location. If the target page is gone, or if you can create an orphan while fixing double redirects, then tag the orphan redirect with {{delete|orphan redirect}}.


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