About me

The last vandal who crossed me.
  • Yes, my real name is Mike
  • Yes, I am a lifeguard
  • I have a bot account using pywikipediabot.
  • My original reason for coming to Wikibooks was to bring sanity to First Aid, which is now a featured book.
    • I've made a semi-canonical PDF version, but I haven't used it in any courses yet. It will be updated as I figure out what works and what doesn't.
    • I've put together Subject:First aid, which lists First Aid along with other stuff that deals with the subject
  • I've also started Wikijunior:Water Safety, which is currently on the backburner. I do intend to finish it eventually. Same goes for Sensory Neuroscience: Hearing and speech and Knots.
  • I've written an essay about integrity.
  • I am currently an admin, CheckUser and 'crat here, as well as other roles on Meta (and a few other wikis). Most recently, I was elected as a steward. Since this is one of my home wikis, I am not permitted to take action here as a steward.
    • My main tasks are currently keeping the cleanup backlogs just this side of the apocalypse. {{Backlog}} shows the tasks where non-admins can help with these backlogs.
    • My main challenges are vandalism (mostly bad page creation); keeping up with new page patrol and verifying media uploads; and copyvios (especially in the cookbook).
    • If you are a vandal, you'll get one warning. If you're particularly vulgar, you won't even get that.
  • I have rather strong views on rights. If you need them, are trusted, and active, you should have them. You only need the tools while you meet those requirements - if you're no longer trusted, active, or don't need them you shouldn't have them.
    • This is the correct reaction to removal of admin tools for inactivity.