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Tasks edit

  1. subst: all instances of {{nld}}
  2. categorizing the first aid pages
  3. tagging untagged uploads with {{subst:nld}} and notifying uploaders (backlog cleared; can be managed manually from now on)
  4. cleaning up Subject: pages by replacing categories so only book titles appear, and not all the subpages
  5. subst: all user talk: templates (done for now, but is an ongoing project)
  6. fixing double redirects
  7. mass categorization upon request
  8. changing templates in various ways
  9. checking for dead links and reporting them on the relevant talk pages (did a bunch, but this is heavy on CPU/bandwidth, so I've stopped)
  10. cleaning the sandbox
  11. Fixing naming conventions to comply with policy
  12. I'm sure he'll find more uses for me at some point, and you can too

Links edit