A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it. -Tagore

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Me! ca. 2005

"John Brown"

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I am currently a senior at Plano Senior High School and have two Beagles. My friends are my blessings, and I would gladly take a bullet for them. For the most part I am Buddhist. I have aspirations to be a male model, no...really. I plan on marrying Jessica Alba, and naming my children Spartacus, and Che Guevera respectively. I am Indian, but I consider myself human above all. I am into photography, art, music, economics, psychology, and philosophy. My computer is an extension of myself. I am currently in love, and it is great. Leonardo Da Vinci is my hero, no matter how overrated you think he is. I want to settle down in either Baltimore, LA, or Tokyo. How now brown cow.

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