Hello!! My name is Lyndsey Williams. I have lived in Virginia my entire life in the Hampton Roads Area. I currently live in Norfolk, but I am moving to the Chicks Beach area of Virginia Beach in August and I am very excited. I have a three year old Black Lab/Airedale mix dog named Lola who brightens up my life everyday. I also have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael, who as of August first, will be my new roommate! I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in human services counseling from Old Dominion University. I am currently working on my teaching licensure at ODU and will hopefully be teaching kindergarten when I have it completed. I currently work at Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. I am a Mental Health Counselor in the Behavioral Medicine Department working on a daily basis with children and adolescents. My job is very challenging, but I thoroughly love what I do each day. I also work at a private Christian school with preschool children and will begin teaching a four year old class in the fall. I am very excited to open up a new chapter in my life. I love working with children and look forward to completing the licensure program.


I love to cook and am always looking up new and interesting recipes. I also love the beach, especially when it is not too crowded and I can take my dog out to burn off some energy. She is EXTREMELY hyper, but she keeps me on my toes. I am also addicted to shoes and try very hard not to buy every pair I come across. I am a very friendly person who enjoys spending time with my friends and family when I am not working or studying.


I have always enjoyed working with children. I am an older sister who, as much as my brother hates it, has always been a little mother hen. I feel a good teacher is someone who has a love for learning, who comes to work everyday not for the paycheck but because they love what they do and could not imagine their life without their students. I have recently begun my observation in a kindergarten class and I am sad when the day is over. I see the teachers I have been working with and how they are so excited and happy to be at the school and I feel this is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. I am looking forward to the near future. I work everyday with at-rick children and feel everyone should be given the same opportunities. There is always going to be students who need extra attention and teachers' need to prioritize to fit the needs of each child in the classroom. I always enjoyed group assignments, so I feel I will most likely use them in my classroom as well as different learning stations. When working with younger children one needs to always have something happening in the classroom. I feel a happy classroom will help contribute to having happy students. I look forward to being able to decorate my classroom in bright colors and have learning tools covering the walls. I will also have plently of room to hang all the wonderful creations made by the students on the walls. The classroom I am currently working in uses a variety of computer programs which are very helpful to the students. I see myself incorporating different technologies into my lessons. I also look forward to adding some creativity to the lesson plans assigned for my grade level.