Hi everyone!

I'm Lisa C., and I'm going into my second year of the PhD program in Counselling Psychology (Registration Stream) this coming September. My research interests are in the area of intimate relationships and couples counselling. Currently, I am editing a version of my masters thesis on the relationship between experiences of romantic love, gender (including trans) and sexual orientation. I am also working on a research study on the history of LGBT research, specifically how language in reference to those in the LGBT community has changed in the literature from the early 1980's to the current day.

As for hobbies, I enjoy traveling, gardening, painting, decorating, surfing the web and engaging in social networking on facebook... although, between school and caring for my 14 month old son, I don't have much time for such ventures! Therefore, I would have to include going for long walks with the stroller, playing peek-a-boo, playing with megablocks, tickle fights, going to the kiddie park, watching sesame street etc, etc, as part of my interests outside the world of academia!

Good luck to you all in this course!