Div tags edit

Syntax edit

<div style="border:1px solid black; margin-right:2em;">

Notes edit

  1. Can be used inside another div tag
  2. Creates a new line

Span tags edit

Syntax edit

<span class="" style="color:red;">

Notes edit

  1. Can be used inside div and other span tags
  2. Does not support some styles, including width, hight, and float

Inline styles edit

Syntax edit


Works for pretty much every tag as well for wikitables. What rules it uses (div or span) depends on the tag. Tables generally use the

rules, for example.

Classes edit

  • plainlinks (Removes the icon after external links)

Styles edit

  • font-size: 100%
  • color: black (text color)
  • text-align: left (set the text's align. Can be: left, right or center)
  • float: none (Makes it float, allowing there to be two columns of text going down. Can be left, right, or none)
  • background-color: none (can be any HTML color)
  • border: 0px solid black
  • margin: 0 0 0 0em (Adds a margin on the outside.) Also:
    • margin-left
    • margin-right
    • margin-top
    • margin-bottom
    • Simmilar in style:
      • padding: 0 0 0 0em (Adds space inside it.)
  • width: 100%
  • display: block (inline shows it on the same line. block shows it on a new line. none hides it)
  • position: (reletive allows it to move while keeping it in the same place. fixed shows it at the top of the screen. absolute is the same as "relative" but moves content to take up the space the object used to use)
    • Can be moved with:
      • top: 0px (positive numbers move it downward, negative numbers upward)
      • left: 0px (positive numbers move it right, negative numbers left)
      • bottom and right are also supported and give the opposite to top and left respectively
  • width (sets the width. See measurements)
  • min-width (sets a minimum width, but may grow in size to use available space)
  • height (sets the height)

Measurements edit

  • 0px (pixels)
  • 0em
  • 0% (percentage of fillable space)