Hi there and welcome to kelvSYC's little corner of Wikibooks!

I'm a contributor to the various game guides here at Wikibooks. Among my significant projects include the Wikibooks Pokémon Guide, which tries to be the companion to the English Wikipedia's w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Pokédex, and Mega Man Battle Network, a book dedicated to the video game series.

I am also an administrator here at Wikibooks (and in no other Wikimedia wiki). If you have some important Wikibooks-related admining to do, then you should leave a message at my talk page. I will try to check VFD and speedy weekly and delete all the filth there, as a continued commitment to an admin. I also intend to strictly enforce the intention of Wikibooks as a repository of instructional material.

My admin philosophy


Many people (wikipedians especially) are in the belief that Wikibooks is just a repository of book-length material, and thus believe that Wikibooks can be a place to expand Wikipedia articles in the hopes of making it an in-depth encyclopedia. This is contrary to WB:WIN. I do aggresively seek out article forks and nominate them for VFD, but I do this infrequently due to the possibility of organic growth and the fact that I have better things to do.

I am also a proponent for enforcing the Wikibooks naming conventions, but I rarely do so due to other commitments and the acknowledgement that it is a gradual process (MediaWiki, however, is very weak in regards to managing how books are organized - tree-like subpage or graph-like namespace conventions are still very arbitrary and have weak back-end support).

Let me remind you that Wikibooks is a place for instructional material. VFD precedents have shown that an encyclopedia article or a long biography is not instuctional material in and of itself.

My projects


Here are the big books I've been working on lately:

I'm the founder of this book, which attempts to be a complete strategy guide to the game. Currently I am working on the walkthrough of BN5, others may come later.

The following is my BN5 to-do list

To do

  • Team ProtoMan dialog
  • finish price lists in Higsby's chip order
  • finish patch code list for infinite chips in folder
  • how do I fit in Number Trader codes, NCP compress codes, etc...?

Pokémon is another book that I have created, among which Wikibooks Pokédex is the big part (and constitutes one of the larger Wikibooks). Since WB Pokédex is the largest part of Pokémon, currently a lot of it is data (and thus not very instructional in nature). I hope that contributors can help put more emphasis on teaching others how to finish the game.

The following is my WB Pokédex to-do list

To do list

  • Update all move lists for Emerald
  • FL/E move tutor moves
  • Links to Wikipedia's Pokédex (although I'd have to deal with some merge talk there)
  • Perhaps go over the level-up movelists for each series and check if the evolution section needs to be updated (eg. a lower form learns a move but the higher form does not) — or perhaps just eliminate the evolution section altogether...
  • More Japanese/English parity - eg. only the English cards are listed here so far...
  • EX Emerald card lists...

When WP started, MediaWiki was in its early 1.3 stages, and templates containing links didn't work as most people planned it to work (eg. {{foo|bar=[[baz|]]}} had two template parameters and not one, so you could never use piped links). But now that it works, I may want to redo the evolution templates.

The major obstacle to making templates out of the move tables is the 5 inclusion limit currently in MW 1.3. I'd like to standardize widths and mess with the look with CSS a bit later on, so that there is more uniformity in each entry. Now that it's resolved in 1.4, the conversion process can get under way, although it will take a while as I try to perfect my styles.

Other plans for Wikibooks Pokédex include:

  • Attack index for the RPGs (I'm currently considering whether to include them in the Pokédex or put them elsewhere)
  • Super Smash Bros movelists for the relevant Pokémon (or at least a link to the appropriate book...)
  • Petitioning for a separate namespace, or alternatively, moving to use the standard subpage convention?