Hello. I made a login here when Spanish and english wikibooks were put in the same server. I've done a new login at es.wikibooks (see below), but I will read english wikibooks from time to time.

My wiki experience is small: just a couple of contributions to Wikipedia and Enciclopedia Libre. I'm also "Josemoya" at these sites.

Eso tiene una desventaja: que nunca paso con la frecuencia deseable por ninguna de esas páginas.

Contributions at English wikibooksEdit

Thank you for your work on the Wrong Way To Learn Spanish. We need all the native spanish speakers we can get. Moonlightembrace 18:30, 25 Jan 2005 (UTC)

My page at Spanish wikibooks (Wikibooks en español)Edit

Mis interesesEdit

I like to know everything. But in english pages I will keep writing about Spanish or Spanish literature.

Comentarios, sugerencias, etc.Edit

You can put messages at my postbox, but I'll probably read my es.wikibooks postbox more often.