Hi! I go by Chris, but that name's so common that I often must use a handle. I don't want to remember hundreds of nicks, so I just use this one everywhere.

I'm a programmer, a bicyclist, and a Christ-follower. I throw my whole being into my activities, so I may suddenly disappear from Wikibooks. In that case, I've found something else to focus on which I deem more important; this is not unusual for me.

I find more wikis to edit at Wikia than anywhere else. I administrate the JavaScript Wiki and contribute to the Programmer's (or Coding) and Government wikis. I also contribute minor English corrections to any wiki I read. My interest in most wikis is based on programming (particularly JavaScript).

The JavaScript Wiki has a type reference which mostly grows when I refer to it and find it lacking, and a tutorial which I abandoned upon finding the JavaScript wikibook. I hope to revamp the latter with input from two friends who have become my students in JavaScript and observations from existing (and insufficient) tutorials.