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I am a retired (astro)physicist curious about the history of science and mathematics, and all kinds of ancient computing, measuring or observing instruments used in mathematics, astronomy, geodesy, surveying, navigation, etc.

I was a professor at the University of Seville (Spain) for 43 years.

Why am I here edit

What brings me here is my interest in all kinds of abacus, especially the eastern one, call it suanpan or soroban. About a year ago I started writing (in this disastrous English) a series of articles with the desire to share what I had learned about this topic, especially about traditional methods, and I opened a website and a blog to collect the articles and share them... just to find out that I don't want to be:

  • not the author
  • not the owner
  • not the webmaster
  • not the SEO analyst

Instead, it is enough for me:

  • to be a contributor and
  • enjoy learning from others

So it seems I went the wrong way ...

Project edit

Now I am gathering and adapting some of my writing into a wikibook about abacus traditional methods, for which there is not much information accessible in English, in the hope that it can grow with the participation of other contributors.

...and by the end of August it is reaching a degree of completion that would justify moving it to the main namespace. It could already be useful to others.

Second project ... maybe edit

Related to the previous project, the WikiBook: Using an Abacus seems like a project abandoned at a very early stage long time ago. It would be interesting to take it up again since it could be an additional resource for those who are new to the study of the abacus.

Hmm, who knows, we'll see ... For now I am gathering some content in User:Jccsvq/sandbox/Worksheet_1.

Other personal interests edit


  • Music
  • Flute-making
  • Botany
  • Plant photography
  • ...

Some subpages edit