I spend my spare time playing peek-a-boo with houses.

About Me Edit

Oi. My name is Hunter Smith. I was born in Norfolk, I’m twenty-two and I have lived in Virginia pretty much all my life.

I primarily enjoy reading– pretty much anything and everything, but particularly cheesy science-fiction/fantasy or graphic novels. Some of my favorite authors: Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Jack London, Poe, Kurt Vonnegut, Patrick Rothfuss, George RR. Martin, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Flannery O’Connor, Joan Didion and Hunter S. Thompson. I would like to say I write as much as I read, but that would be an outright lie– but perhaps that’s a goal to strive toward as I intend to be a well-developed author at some point in my little life. My other hobbies include playing an obsessive amount of video games (I traveled to Seattle last year to meet with a group of fellow gamers and go to a expo), watching movies (a large amount of them being obscure or terrible), and listening to the worst music possible.

Outside Seattle's 2008 Penny-Arcade Video Game Expo.

My Philosophy on Education Edit

Throughout the years, I’ve found the most effective method of teaching is to directly involve the students. Whether it be interaction stemmed through integration of technology or simply having open discussions and debates within the class room. I find the most enjoyable classes and thought provoking courses I have had, involve teachers with ebullient personalities who use humor and ask questions of their students. If you keep your students involved, interested and, more importantly, thinking– it becomes easier for them to interpret the subject at hand.

When I've pondered the facets of what I'd like to bring into my own methods of instruction, I think first and foremost about taking a modern approach. I'd want to meld what I'm teaching into the most approachable content possible and showcase it's relevance with current topics/events. I'd do so through discussions, bouncing ideas back and forth with the class. Not only that but I'd want to challenge the average curriculum. The English curriculum in general excludes a lot of modern and past prose that I feel is possibly overlooked, simply because as it's outside of the canon. Differential theory courses like Horror Theory intrigue me, delving into specific areas outside the norm.