Feel free to request a task to be added, any repetitive tasks and/or tedious work would be good candidates.

Please notify me on My Talk Page if I make an erroneous change.

Tasks edit

These tasks operate by request, you may leave a message on my talk page, you may also request certain bot actions to be done. For clarification, each task may be done separately.

  • Dewikify pages, either removing all links on a page, or linking to wikipedia.
  • Fix spelling errors.
  • Check for dead links to external websites, and leave a message on the talk page.
  • Welcome new users.(it can sign someones name for them)

  • Move all articles under one category to another.
  • Clean the sandbox(s).
  • Delete large numbers of pages(with permission, obviously).
  • Change one image to another, or completely remove images.
  • Looks for images that are linked inline (i.e., they are hosted from an external server and hotlinked.).
  • Given an existing or new category, find pages for that category.
  • Move pages.
  • Fix broken and double redirects.
  • Check references to see if they are properly formatted
  • Converts external links and notes/references to Footnote3 ref/note format. Rewrites References.
  • Change html tables to wiki tables.
  • Change one template to another.
  • Unlink a page on every page that links to it.

Cosmetic changes edit

  • fix self interwiki: interwiki links to the site itself are displayed like local links, removing their language code prefix.
  • standardize page footer: makes sure that categories, stars templates for featured articles and interwiki links are put to the correct position. templates and interwiki links are sorted into the right order.
  • clean up links: improves how links are presented by doing the following:
    • replaces underlines by spaces, also multiple underlines.
    • removes unnecessary leading spaces from a title.
    • removes unnecessary trailing spaces from a title.
    • converts URL-encoded characters to unicode.
    • removes unnecessary initial and final spaces from a label.
    • tries to capitalize the first letter of the title.
  • clean up section headers: for better readability of section header source code, puts a space between the equal signs and the title; for example: "==Section title==" becomes "== Section title ==" .
  • put spaces in lists: for better readability of bullet list and enumeration wiki source code, puts a space between the * or # and the text.
  • translate and capitalize namespaces: makes sure that localized namespace names are used. Does not change "image" alias on en-wiki or fr-wiki.
  • resolve html entities
  • valid xhtml: tries to make a valid XHTML document, for example, replacing "<br>" by "<br />"
  • remove useless spaces
  • remove non breaking space before percent: newer MediaWiki versions automatically place a non-breaking space in front of a percent sign, so it is no longer required to place it manually.
  • fix syntax: correct mediawiki syntax for external links
  • fix HTML: translates some HTML-entities into the corresponding mediawiki syntax; remove unneeded <ref /> tag.
  • fix style: convert prettytable to wikitable class (de-wiki and en-wiki only).
  • fix typo: change ccm with preleading number to cm³; change º to ° if it concerns degree Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • hyphenate isbn numbers: tries to hyphenate an ISBN