Hey guys! My name is Heather. I currently reside in a small town in southwest Virginia called Cleveland. I obtained my bachelors degree in Biology from Radford University in 2007 and now I am taking education classes to become certified in teaching. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful baby boy named Lincoln. He just turned six months old and is trying so hard to crawl. Becoming a mother has changed my life to say the least. Before Lincoln I was very impatient, self-centered, and fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. Now I have patiences, put my son before me in every aspect, and have to throughly plan everything. I enjoy softball, wakeboarding, and scrapbooking. Even though I am slowly creeping up on 30 I feel better than I ever have. I am very thankful for my family and the experienes that I have had throughout my life thus far. Hopefully I will finish my education classes by the end of year and be a certified high school biology teacher by fall of 2010.:)

Education Philosophy I firmly believe that a teacher is one of the most influencial people in the world. I still remember two of my favorite teachers and the techniques that they used in their classroom. I enjoy being in the classroom challenging young minds and molding them into young scientist. I am more of a "hands on" type teacher. I feel that most people learn by performing. Lab experiements are great learning techniques because they incorpate textbook material into a live situation. I am all for group work as well. I think working in groups adequetly prepares students for jobs later in life because most of the time we all have to work together to complete a task given by employers. Group work also introduces new ideas to other students that aid in completion of an assignment.

Upon entering my classroom you would find it to be very well organized with posters on the wall pertaining not only to science but life as well. There would be work stations for students to perform lab experiements along with different types of microscopes. I would hope to have a smartboard located in my room so I could show clips off the internet and have students interact with technology. Science and technology go hand in hand so students need to be introduced to as much technology as possible. I believe that as educators we need to collaborate together to acheive a positive atmosphere for our students. We are role models and we need to dress, act, and socialize in a proper manner. We also need to share ideas on how to manange certain problem students and help those with special needs. I try to treat special needs students the same as I treat regular ed students. Just because they have a learning or phyisical disability don't mean that they can't be taught the same material as regular ed students. The school system is vital in all aspects. It is an educational dwelling place which we should hold in our hearts forever. As educators we should never forget that we lay a solid foundation for students and mold them into the people that they are today and the people that they will become.