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Grind24 Alberta, Canada, Volunteer helper,x-wiki patroller, member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team and translator ,Wikimedia Foundation
Grind24 Alberta, Canada
Volunteer helper,x-wiki patroller, member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team and translator ,Wikimedia Foundation
"Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment". "Stellen Sie sich eine Welt vor, in der jeder einzelne Mensch freien Anteil an der Gesamtheit des Wissens hat. Das ist unser Ziel"."Imaginez un monde dans lequel chaque être humain peut librement obtenir et partager des connaissances. Ceci est notre engagement.!"

About me

Hi im Grind24 on WM. Im a contributor to wikimedia foundation project. Also an active contributor to various open source projects .My focus is on supporting the growth of the volunteer editing communities of all wikimedia foundation projects by building great features that empower existing and new users alike.I enjoy studying computing topics, especially security.Of times I am mediating between the WMF and the French community.

My work

On wikimedia i help especially for the translation of the pages,patrol, to fight against vandalism on all the wikimedia foundation projects (SWMT), creates articles,and take part in the maintenance project. Im also a js(javascript) developer for french speaking wikimedians and a Huggle Members helper : beta tester Documentation and french Translations .I revert vandalism or tag test/spam pages for deletion in all Wikimedia wikis. If you think I made a mistake, please notify me in my talk page

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Useful Links edit

These are mainly a shortcut for pages that I commonly visit but which take forever to find because of the poor search feature on Wikibooks.

Useful Templates edit

  • {{Template:WikijuniorEurope}} - Wikijunior Navigation Template
  • {{dewikify}} - Dewikify template for material copied from
  • {{SharedIPEDU}} - Template for shared Educational IP addresses
  • {{SharedIP}} - Template for general shared IP addresses
  • {{Recipe summary}} - Recipe summary template for Cookbook pages
  • {{#invoke:temperature|f|400}} - Useful for auto-converting Cookbook temperatures

Edit Warnings edit

  • {{subst:EditSummary}} - for removing text without using edit summ.
  • {{subst:please learn}} - suggests they read U.W
  • {{subst:Spam}} - concerns inappropriate links
  • {{subst:warn}} - quite strong but final
  • {{subst:please stop}} - rather strong
  • {{subst:blatantvandal}} - very strong
  • {{subst:Use categories}} - use categories on new pages
  • {{subst:blanking}} - blanking
  • {{subst:no thanks|Page|2=--~~~~}} - Copyright warning
  • {{cleanup|reason}}