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TODO List Edit

  • Create a new section after the "Infinite Limits" section called "Limits at Infinity" and move the content of the "Infinite Limits" section there. Add a discussion of infinite limits to the "Infinite Limits" section.
  • Calculus/Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithm Functions makes use of L'Hôpital's rule, but points to Calculus/Improper_Integrals#Definition L'Hopital's rule. After you've covered that page go back to Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithm Functions and see if the reference is still valid. I may need to redirect to L'Hôpital's rule.
  • Add something about binomial expansion in the precalculus section.
  • Calculus/Kinematics needs to be placed somewhere--maybe in applications of integration???
  • Edit Template:Calculus/Top Nav so that it outputs the section numbers as well.
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Generalize the shell method to include a lower-bounding function.
  • Discuss invertible functions in relation to the disk method.

Paper notes Edit

  • pdf version table of contents is all messed up
    • The table of contents is chapter 1. I should make this "Contents in brief"
    • The numbers of the table of content items don't match the chapter numbers of the things they refer to
    • Footnotes with page number appear throughout. Page number in the table of contents belong on the line with the item referred to, not in a footnote.
    • The "Contents in brief" shows the major subsections, but then these subsections are shown later as chapters, and the subsubsections are also given their own chapters. It makes it hard to correlate the "Contents in brief" with the subsequent material, and it makes it hard to see the overall organization.

For the most part I like the subdivisions in the "contents in brief", but I might make some changes. "Parametric and polar equations" might be a precalculus topic—I'm not sure. I'm also somewhat unsure what to do with "sequences and series". It's clearly a calculus topic, but it doesn't fall under the heading of either differential or integral calculus. I think it's a topic covered in calculus II, because I believe some of the tests of convergence use integration. Taylor series also come to mind. Maybe I can split it into "Applications of differential calculus" and "Applications of Integral calculus".

Incubator Edit

Here is a link to my incubator, where I try out ideas before actually posting them: User:Greenbreen/incubator