Introduction Edit

My name is Edgar Hernandez, but everyone calls me Bebe. Im from Luquillo, Puerto Rico and I have been living in Norfolk, Virginia for the past two years. I have played baseball all my life and it was the main reason to move to Virginia and attend Old Dominion University. I was inspired to teach by many of my teachers during the course of my student career. There is always the good teachers and there are the ones everyone dislikes, but from all of them I learned something different. I want to be the teacher that makes the difference in a kid's life, and why not do it by teaching spanish to students in the United States. This way ill be giving them a tool that they will need for the rest of their lives. From my struggles from moving from a spanish dominated island to the mainland of the Unites States and from the everyday issues concerning immigration I feel it is beneficial to all if students learn a foreign language.

My Teaching Philosophy Edit

I feel that teaching strategies and/or philosophies vary from the personality of each educator. My philosophy of teaching is simple yet complex. I want to apply a curriculum of foreign language education composed to basic pronunciation, grammar as well as making the student culturally aware of the world around them. Inspired by the growing immigration rate the United States faces and the quantity of bilingual job demands in the nation, I feel is beneficial for my students to learn a different language. It would help them find a better job, be culturally aware and enhance their communication skills. My classroom will have a diverse yet even number of assignments between lectures and groups. I feel that when teaching a foreign language education, group works amongst students is helpful. Lectures will be incorporated so that each student s can learn something, therefore when working in a group each student can incorporate what they know to the benefit of their group.

I feel that an assessment of self evaluation is important in the beginning of our class period. If the majority of the students are visual or auditory learners. I feel that I can incorporate these features in class to help each student tot heir own learning needs and study habits. I could: include pictures in over-head projectors or my power point notes and presentations. Or I can play tapes for pronunciation for those who learn better by listening.