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Egídio Campos, born December 29, 1954 in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I live in Porto Velho, Rondônia State, Brazil, in the southwest part of the Brazilian Amazon basin since April 1, 1985. I'm married to Elidiana, and we have four children: Elisiane Mel, Júlio Eduardo, Elice Ana and Jessé Elias, all of them so blessed!

I've become slowly addicted and am now a confirmed Wikiholic, and I like learning as much as I enjoy helping others to learn. I'm registered in Wikibooks as User:Egidiofc, my sig is: EgídioCampos Say and I monitor comments on my Talk page HERE!.

Lawyer, Systems Analyst, Electrical Engineer, Chemist, student of comparative philosophy, psychology and religion, as well as medicine, among many other branches of Knowledge , I very much enjoy corresponding about them.

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Tocando em frente

"Ando devagar porque já tive pressa
e levo esse sorriso, porque já chorei demais
Hoje me sinto mais forte, mais feliz quem sabe
eu só levo a certeza de que muito pouco eu sei, eu nada sei..."

I walk slowly because I was always in a rush
And wear this smile, because I already cried too much
Feeling a bit stronger today, happier perhaps, who knows
And I only know for sure that I know so very little, nothing at all
(Almir Sater) I would compose this!