Nuclear Medicine became my career in my fourth year of medical school. Not knowing that the practice had contributed to the treatment of my mother's thyroid cancer, I initially found it very interesting when I saw my first PET/CT scan - and marveled that there was color on the screen! My ensuing investigation quickly made me realize that I would love to learn more about this growing and engaging field of medicine.

I currently am a PGY2 in Nuclear Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, having finished my medical training at the Medical College of Georgia and my internship at Trident Family Medicine in North Charleston, SC.

With this and other projects, my goal is to create a means for easy online electronic cross-reference for daily medical practice. These are the notes that I keep, as I learn them in the literature and by our institution's practices under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth M. Spicer and Dr. Leonie Gordon.

As one of my attendings would say, "Unless you read 2hrs a day, you will forget all the medicine you ever learned." I don't know about that, but this tool has given me the ability to quickly find what I need when I don't have 2 hrs a day to drill into the literature.

Mark A. Ahlman, MD