The Seed Factory Project

A.0 Data Appendices

A.1 - NAICS Industry Categories


The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is organized in outline form from general categories to more specialized sub-categories. A given industrial location, such as a steel plant, may have elements of other industries, like an accounting department. But the categories are applied according to the main activities and products of a given establishment. The original source list of categories is 500 pages long and goes to 6 digit category headings. This version summarizes that list to 4 digit headings and popular products or activities under those headings as indented lists. The original list and our summary skip some numbers to leave room for future additions, or are what we consider minor industries. The last number in a category is often a catch-all for other items, and does not list every example.

11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting


111 - Farming

  • 1111 - Oilseed and Grain Farming
  • 1112 - Vegetable and Melon Farming
  • 1113 - Fruit and Tree Nut Farming
  • 1114 - Greenhouse and Covered Production
  • 1119 - Other Crops: Cotton, sugar cane, hay, sugar beet, peanuts.

112 - Animals and Aquaculture

  • 1121 - Cattle Raising
  • 1122 - Hog and Pig Raising
  • 1123 - Poultry and Egg Production
  • 1124 - Sheep and Goat Raising
  • 1125 - Aquaculture
  • 1129 - Other Animal Raising: Bees, horses, rabbits, fur-bearing animals.

113 - Forestry

  • 1131 - Timber Land
  • 1133 - Logging

114 - Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping

  • 1141 - Commercial Fishing

115 - Agriculture Support

  • 1151 - Farming Support: Spraying, monitoring, cotton ginning, soil preparation, harvesting, post-harvest processing
  • 1152 - Animal Support: Breeding, tracking, boarding, herd improvement, spraying, shearing.
  • 1153 - Forestry Support: Fire protection, timber estimating, pest control, forest optimization.

21 - Mining, Quarrying, Oil, and Gas


211 - Oil and Gas

  • 2111 - Oil and Gas Extraction (preferably not for burning)

212 - Mining

  • 2121 - Coal Mining (preferably not for burning)
  • 2122 - Metal Ore Mining: Iron, precious metals, base metals, specialty metals.
  • 2123 - Mineral Mining and Quarrying: Stone, sand, gravel, clay, ceramics, refractories, other chemical elements, salt, gypsum, talk, other useful minerals.

213 - Mining Support

  • 2131 - Support Services: Drilling, exploration, geological surveying and mapping.

22 - Utilities


221 - Primary Utilities

  • 2211 - Electric Power: Generation, transmission, distribution.
  • 2212 - Natural Gas Distribution
  • 2213 - Water, Sewage, Steam, Other Utilities

23 - Construction


236 - Construction of Buildings

  • 2361 - Residential Buildings: Single unit, multiple unit.
  • 2362 - Non-Residential Buildings: Industrial, commercial, institutional.

237 - Heavy Construction and Civil Engineering

  • 2371 - Utility System Construction: Water and sewer lines, pipelines, power and communication lines, related plants and sites.
  • 2372 - Land Subdivision: Land division, land preparation: clearing, roads, utilities.
  • 2373 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 2379 - Other Heavy Construction: Dredging, land drainage, marine construction; open spaces, parks, and trails; retaining structures, railroads, dams, tunnels.

238 - Specialty Construction Trades

  • 2381 - Basic Structures: Concrete foundations and structure, pre-cast concrete, steel structures, wood framing, masonry, glass and glazing, roofing, siding, misc. other structures.
  • 2382 - Building Equipment: Electrical wiring, other wiring, plumbing; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning; vacuum systems, doors, elevators, mechanical systems.
  • 2383 - Building Finishing: Drywall, insulation, paint, wall coverings, flooring, tile, terrazzo, stone, finish carpentry, cabinets.
  • 2289 - Other Construction Trades: Site preparation: clearing, demolition, excavating, grading, drainage, blasting. Specialties: signage, pools, site cleanup, paving, cranes, fencing. Temporary structures: events, scaffolds, construction offices and storage.

31-33 - Manufacturing


311 - Food Manufacturing

  • 3111 - Animal Food: Dog and cat food.
  • 3112 - Grain and Oilseed Milling: Flour, meal, mixes, dough, rice, malts; starches and vegetable fats and oils; cereals.
  • 3113 - Sugar and Confectionary: Sugar, chocolate, confectionary products.
  • 3114 - Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty: Freezing, prepared fruits and vegetables, canning, pickling, drying.
  • 3115 - Dairy Products: Milk, butter, cheese, evaporated milk, ice cream.
  • 3116 - Animal Slaughtering and Processing: Livestock slaughtering, meat processing, rendering, poultry processing.
  • 3117 - Seafood Products: Canning, smoking, salting, drying, eviscerating, freezing.
  • 3118 - Baking and Frying: Bakeries, frozen baked goods, cookies, crackers, pasta, tortillas.
  • 3119 - Other Food Manufacturing: Nuts, snacks, peanut butter, chips; coffee and tea, flavoring, syrups; seasonings, dressings, spices, misc. foods.

312 - Beverage and Plant Extracts

  • 3121 - Beverages: Soft drinks, ice, bottled water, brewing, wine, distilled spirits.
  • 3121 - Plant Extracts: Tobacco, marijuana, recreational plants.

313 - Textiles

  • 3131 - Fiber, Yarn, and Thread
  • 3132 - Fabric Mills: Woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, felts, knits, lace.
  • 3133 - Fabric Finishing and Coating: Bleaching, dyeing, printing, washing, coating, waterproofing, laminating, varnishing, rubberizing.

314 - Textile Products

  • 3141 - Textile Furnishings: Carpets, rugs, curtains, linens.
  • 3149 - Other Textile Products: Bags, canvas, awnings, sails, tarps, covers, batting, diapers, nets, ropes, twine, tire cords.

315 - Apparel

  • 3151 - Knitted Apparel: Hosiery, socks, underwear, outerwear, nightwear.
  • 3152 - Cut and Sew Apparel: Contractors, jobbers, tailors; buyers, designers, marketers, specialty apparel.
  • 3159 - Clothing Accessories: Belts, caps, gloves, hats, neckties.
  • 3161 - Leather and Hide Tanning and Finishing: Tanning, dying, furs.
  • 3162 - Footwear: Indoor, athletic, dress, boots, specialty, shoe parts.
  • 3169 - Other Leather and Related: Billfolds, purses, luggage, leather accessories, protective gear.

321 - Wood Products

  • 3211 - Sawmills and Wood Preservation: Boards, dimension lumber, timber, poles, railroad ties, wood shingles, wood siding, wood chips, impregnation, drying.
  • 3212 - Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood: Trusses, waferboard, laminated board.
  • 3219 - Other Wood Products: Millwork, wood doors and windows, wood flooring, stairs, shutters; containers, boxes, pallets, dowels, handles, prefabricated buildings.

322 - Paper Products

  • 3221 - Pulp and Paper Mills: Wood and other material pulp, paper, newsprint, paperboard.
  • 3222 - Paper Products: Boxes, cardboard, paper plates and cups, paper cans, bags, coated paper, laminated paper, stationery, pulp products, sanitary paper.
  • 3231 - Printing: Commercial printers, screen printing, book printing, pre- and post-press support.

324 - Petroleum and Coal

  • 3241 - Fossil Products: Refineries, asphalt, coke, fluids, lubricating oils, greases, jellies, waxes.

325 - Chemicals

  • 3251 - Basic Chemicals: Hydrocarbons, industrial gases, dyes and pigments, basic inorganics, other basic organics; ethyl alcohol, distillates, calcium, enzymes, fatty acids, silicone.
  • 3252 - Resins and Synthetics: Resins, plastics, elastomers, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers.
  • 3253 - Agricultural Chemicals: Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides.
  • 3254 - Pharmaceutical and Medical: Medicinals, botanicals, preparations, diagnostics, biologics.
  • 3255 - Paints and Adhesives: Paints, coatings, putties, removers, adhesives, glues, caulks.
  • 3256 - Cleaners: Soap, detergent, toothpaste, cleaners, surface agents, toiletries.
  • 3259 - Other Chemicals: Inks, explosives, salts, miscellaneous chemicals.

326 - Plastic and Rubber Products

  • 3261 - Plastics: Films, bags, pipe, plastic shapes, laminations, polystyrene and urethane foam, bottles, utensils, fiberglass, siding, flooring.
  • 3262 - Rubber: Wheels, tires, hoses, belting, tubing, latex, rubber shapes, consumer rubber.

327 - Mineral Products

  • 3271 - Clay and Refractories: Pottery, ceramics, clay building products, refractories.
  • 3272 - Glass: Flat, pressed and blown, containers.
  • 3273 - Cement and Concrete: Cements, ready mix; concrete block, brick, and pipe.
  • 3274 - Lime and Gypsum: Lime, wallboard, plaster, architectural plaster.
  • 3279 - Other Products: Abrasives, cut stone, mineral earths, mineral wool, miscellaneous mineral.

331 - Primary Metals

  • 3311 - Iron and Steel: Ore reduction, steelmaking; steel shapes, pipes, and tubing, ferroalloys.
  • 3312 - Steel Products: Pipe and tube, rolling and drawing.
  • 3313 - Alumina and Aluminum: Alumina refining, ore reduction, scrap recovery, alloying, aluminum primary shapes.
  • 3314 - Other Metals: Smelting, refining; copper forming and alloying; other metals recovery, alloying, and forming.
  • 3315 - Foundries: Casting ferrous metals, investment casting, non-ferrous metals, die casting, aluminum casting.

332 - Fabricated Metals

  • 3321 - Forging and Stamping: Forgings, roll-forming, stamped parts, spin-forming, powder metallurgy.
  • 3322 - Cutlery and Hand Tools: Cookware, utensils, cutlery, flatware, saw blades, hand and edge tools.
  • 3323 - Architectural and Structural Metals: Metal buildings and panels, structural and plate metal, metal doors and windows, sheet work, ornamental, staircases, metal flooring and scaffolding.
  • 3324 - Boilers, Tanks, and Containers: Power boilers and heat exchangers, metal tanks, light containers.
  • 3325 - Metal Hardware: Hinges, handles, keys and locks.
  • 3326 - Spring and Wire: Springs; fabricated wire fencing, baskets, nails, cable, and cloth.
  • 3327 - Machine Shops, Turned and Threaded Products: Job shops, turned products, metal fasteners.
  • 3328 - Metal Finishing: Heat treating, coatings, galvanizing, engraving, etching, powder coating, electroplating, anodizing, coloring, buffing, polishing, sand-blasting.
  • 3329 - Other Fabricated: Industrial valves, fluid power valves and fittings, plumbing fittings and trim, pneumatic parts, ammunition, bearings, safes, ladders, small arms, steel wool, metal pallets, miscellaneous hardware.

333 - Machinery Design and Manufacturing

  • 3331 - Agriculture, Construction, and Mining Machines: Farm machinery, tractors and attachments, mowers, lawn and garden machines, heavy construction equipment; mining, crushing, and screening equipment; underground mining, oil and gas field machinery, water wells.
  • 3332 - Industrial Machinery: Food products: dairy, bakery, meat and poultry, processing. Semiconductors, sawmill and woodworking, paper industry, printing and bindery, chemical processing, glass, petroleum refining, plastics, rubber; sewing, leather, and textile machinery.
  • 3333 - Commercial and Service Machinery: Optical, photography and copying, vending, laundry and dry cleaning, office machinery, automobile maintenance, commercial cooking.
  • 3334 - Industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Ventilating, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing, filters, dust and fume collectors, boilers, stoves, furnaces, electric heaters, moisture control, heat pumps.
  • 3335 - Metalworking Machinery: Industrial molds, specialty tool and die, cutting and machine tool accessories, machine tools, forming machines, drills, grinders, rolling mills, coil and wire machines.
  • 3336 - Engines, Turbines, and Power Transmission: Brakes, diesel engines, bearings, pulleys, turbine generator sets, universal joints, wind turbines, gears, speed changers, high-speed drives, couplings, drive chains, internal combustion engines.
  • 3339 - Other Machinery: Pumps, compressors, sprayers, dispensing pumps, vacuum pumps, elevators, conveyors, traveling cranes, hoists, monorails, trucks, tractor-trailers, stackers, sprinklers, hydraulics, jacks, power hand tools, scales, welding, process furnaces, ovens and kilns.

334 - Computer and Electronic Products

  • 3341 - Computers and Peripherals: Electronic computers, storage devices, keyboards, mice, joysticks, monitors, scanners, printers, cameras, microphones.
  • 3342 - Communications Equipment: Central switches, modems, bridges, routers, gateways, broadcast, wireless, mobile devices, outdoor signals and signs.
  • 3342 - Audio and Video Equipment: Video cameras, recorders, televisions, audio systems, speakers, amplifiers, public address systems.
  • 3344 - Semiconductors and Electronics: Capacitors, resistors, microprocessors, circuit boards, display devices, specialty chips, electronic connectors, diodes, transistors, solar cells, coils and transformers, fiber-optic connectors, crystals, radio frequency components, switches, transducers.
  • 3345 - Instrumentation: Medical imaging, implanted devices, medical sensors; aircraft instruments, recorders, and navigation devices; sonar, HVAC controls and regulators; industrial temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum, combustion, flow, level, and other measurement; fluid meters, counting devices, electrical meters, analytical laboratory instruments, irradiation instruments, clocks and timers, surveying and weather instruments.
  • 3346 - Magnetic and Optical Media: Tape, optical media, magnetic disks.

335 - Electrical Equipment

  • 3351 - Electric Lighting: Bulbs, tubes, light fixtures, lamps, temporary lighting, flashlights, lanterns, street lighting.
  • 3352 - Household Appliances: Fans, vacuums, irons, portable heaters, portable cooking, hair dryers, humidity control, fixed cooking, laundry, refrigerator/freezers, dish washers, water heaters, garbage disposal, trash compactor.
  • 3353 - Electrical Devices: Transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, relays, industrial controls, breakers, control panels, wiring ducts, fuses, switches.
  • 3359 - Other Electric: Primary and storage batteries, fiber optic cable, electric wire and cable, ground fault current interrupters, lightning protection, outlets, switches, wiring boxes, electrical conduit, face plates, poles and line hardware, electrodes and brushes, temporary wiring, surge suppressors, wall cords, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies.

336 - Transport Equipment

  • 3361 - Motor Vehicles: Automobiles, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, motor homes.
  • 3362 - Vehicle Body and Trailer: Bodies and cabs, camper units, pickup covers, semi-trailer, travel trailer, utility trailer.
  • 3363 - Motor Vehicle Parts: Engines, engine parts, electrical and electronic parts, steering and suspension, brakes, transmission and power train, seats and trim, sheet metal parts, air conditioning, filters, pollution control, radiators, wheels.
  • 3364 - Aerospace Vehicles: Aircraft, aircraft engines, aircraft parts and auxiliaries; missiles and space vehicles, satellites, propulsion units, missile and space parts and auxiliary equipment.
  • 3365 - Railroad Vehicles: Locomotives, rail cars, track maintenance equipment.
  • 3366 - Ships and Boats: Barges, cargo ships, floating oil and gas platforms, passenger ships, submarines, small boats, sailing ships, luxury boats.
  • 3369 - Other Transport: Motorcycles, bicycles, armored vehicles, tanks, self-propelled weapons, animal-powered transport, all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, snowmobiles.

337 - Furniture Products

  • 3371 - Furniture and Cabinets: Wood cabinets and counters, upholstered furniture, wood furniture and movable cabinets, metal and other material furniture, institutional furniture, medical furniture, laboratory furniture.
  • 3372 - Office Furniture: Wood office furniture, custom architectural wood and millwork, metal furniture, showcases, partitions, shelves, lockers.
  • 3379 - Other Furniture: Mattresses, blinds and shades, drapery hardware.

339 - Miscellaneous Manufacturing

  • 3391 - Medical Equipment and Supplies: Surgical and medical instruments, surgical appliances and supplies, dental equipment and supplies, orthodontic equipment, opthalmic equipment, dentures, orthodontic appliances, veterinary equipment, syringes and needles, anesthesia equipment, transfusion equipment, catheters, orthopedics, prosthetics, crutches, industrial safety equipment, hospital and operating room beds, eyewear.
  • 3399 - Other Products: Jewelry, metal personal items, flatware and hollowware, coins, stones and gems, pearls, non-clothing sporting and athletic equipment, dolls, toys, games, hobby items, non-paper office supplies, signs, caskets, candles, sewing notions, cleaning tools, musical instruments, fire extinguishers, umbrellas, gaskets, brushes, hair pieces.

42 - Wholesale Trade


423 - Merchant Wholesale - Durable

  • 4231 - Motor Vehicles, Parts, and Supplies: Automobiles and other vehicles; vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, equipment, parts, and tires; used parts, junkyards.
  • 4232 - Furniture Wholesale: Household, outdoor, mattresses, public building, office, religious, carpet, glassware, china, cooking equipment, curtains, lamps, drapery, linen, floor coverings, accessories.
  • 4233 - Lumber and Construction Materials: Lumber, plywood, fiber products, fencing, doors and windows, wood roofing and siding, millwork. Stone, cement, lime, sand, gravel, brick, asphalt, concrete mix, finished concrete, stone and clay products, non-wood roofing and siding, insulation, manufactured homes and prefabs, glass, ironwork, metal fencing.
  • 4234 - Professional and Commercial Wholesale: Photographic, office machines, computers, peripherals, software, scales, shelving, vending machines, electric signs, partitions, commercial china and cooking equipment. Medical, dental, hospital, optical and eyewear, church, school, engineering, scientific instruments, laboratory, surveying.
  • 4235 - Metals and Minerals Wholesale: Metals cutting and shaping service, cast iron, rods, bars, sheets, ingots, spikes, nails, plates, wire, coal, coke, ores, minerals.
  • 4236 - Appliance, Electrical, and Electronic Wholesale: Electrical construction, wiring, fixtures, power equipment, sewing, audio and video, television, refrigerators, small household electrics, blank media, communications, radar, motherboards.
  • 4237 - Wholesale Hardware: Fasteners, hardware, cutlery, power and hand tools, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration.
  • 4238 - Wholesale Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies: Construction, mining, logging, farm and garden, industrial equipment, industrial containers, refractories, supplies. Service industries: janitorial, beauty, vehicle washing, upholstery, dry cleaning, aircraft, railroad, small vehicle, ships.
  • 4239 - Miscellaneous Durable Wholesale: Sporting and recreation, toys and hobby, scrap and recycling, jewelry and related, musical, prerecorded media.

424 - Merchant Wholesale - Non-Durable

  • 4241 - Paper and Paper Products: Bulk paper, stationary, office supplies, disposable paper and paperware, boxes, bags, bath and kitchen paper.
  • 4242 - Drug and Pharmacy Wholesale: Biologicals, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, vaccines, cosmetics, vitamins.
  • 4243 - Wholesale Clothing, Piece Goods, and Notions: Piece goods, fabric, yarn, thread, hair accessories, hosiery, dress clothes, nightwear, underwear, sportswear, work clothes, outerwear, footwear.
  • 4244 - Grocery and Related: General items, frozen food, dairy, poultry and poultry products, confectionaries, snacks, fountain drinks, fish and seafood, meat and meat products, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery, canned food and drink, dried foods.
  • 4245 - Raw Farm Products: Grains, rice, beans, soybeans, livestock, chicks, hides, cotton, working animals, leaf products.
  • 4246 - Chemical Products: Plastics materials and basic shapes, industrial chemicals, acids, salts, dyes, cleaners.
  • 4247 - Petroleum Products: Bulk stations and terminals, liquified petroleum gas, gasoline, fuel oil, lubricating products.
  • 4248 - Alcohol: Beer and ale, wine, distilled spirits.
  • 4249 - Miscellaneous Non-Durable: Farm supplies: feeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, seeds, bulbs. Printed goods, flowers, florist supply, nursery stock, tobacco products, paints, coatings, pigments, wallpaper, paint supplies, artist supplies, pet supplies.

425 - Electronic Markets

  • 4251 - Business-to-Business Markets: Electronic markets, agents and brokers, sales representatives.

44-45 - Retail Trade


441 - Motor Vehicles and Parts

  • 4411 - Automobile Dealers: Passenger cars, light trucks, automobile repair and service, used cars, automobile parts and accessories.
  • 4412 - Other Vehicles: Recreational vehicles, motor homes, travel trailers, campers, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, utility trailers. Outboard motors, marine supplies, small powered vehicles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft.
  • 4413 - Automobile Parts, Accessories, and Tires Parts, accessories, supplies, repair and service, customization, tires.

442 - Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • 4421 - Furniture Stores: Household furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture. Also with appliances, electronics, furnishings, and floor coverings.
  • 4422 - Home Furnishings: Rugs, carpet, vinyl, floor tile, furnishings installation and repair, bath items, kitchenware, china, window treatments, glassware, linen, lamps, frames and wall art, stoves, housewares.

443 - Electronics and Appliance

  • 4431 - Electronica and Appliance Stores: Television, computer, camera, audio and video, appliance repair and installation, software, recorded media. Major appliances: Refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, clothes washers and dryers. Small appliances: coffee makers, room air-conditioners, microwaves, clothes iron, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners.

444 - Building Materials and Garden

  • 4441 - Building Materials and Supplies: Home centers, paint, wallpaper, lumber, plumbing, electrical, tools, hardware, fencing, glass, doors, prefabricated buildings, cabinets, countertops, wood and ceramic flooring, garage doors.
  • 4442 - Lawn and Garden: Outdoor power equipment, nursery, garden centers, farm supply.

445 - Food and Beverage

  • 4451 - Markets: Supermarkets, groceries; canned, frozen, and fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry; convenience stores.
  • 4452 - Specialty Foods: Meat market, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, bakery, coffee and tea, confectionary and snacks, spices, drinks, gourmet food.
  • 4453 - Alcohol: Beer, ale, wine, distilled spirits.

446 - Health and Personal Care

  • 4461 - Health and Personal Care Stores: Pharmacy and drug, cosmetics, beauty supply, perfume, optical goods, medical supply, dietary supplements, prosthetics, hearing aids.

447 - Gasoline Stations

  • 4471 - Fuel Retail: Gasoline, diesel, other fuels, lubricants, repair service. Also with convenience and food items, parts and accessories. Truck stops, marine service stations.

448 - Clothing and Accessories

  • 4481 - Clothing retail: Men, women, boys, girls, alterations, child and baby, family clothing, accessories. Specialty clothing: bridal, formal, leather, costume, lingerie, fur, swimwear, uniforms.
  • 4482 - Shoe retail: Dress shoes, casual shoes, boots.
  • 4483 - Personal Item Retail: Jewelry, silverware, watches, clocks, luggage, leather items, personal accessories.

451 - Sporting, Hobby, Musical, and Printed

  • 4511 - Recreation Retail: Sporting goods, hobby supply, games, toys, pianos and musical instruments, bicycles, camping gear, exercise and fitness equipment, athletic and sports specialty wear, fishing, golf, bowling, horse tack, diving, skiing, hunting, crafts, sewing supplies, fabric, sewing patterns, knitting, needlework, upholstery supplies, sheet music.
  • 4512 - Printed Goods: Bookstores, newspapers, magazines, posters.

452 - General Merchandise

  • 4521 - Department Stores: Distributed staff and checkout stores, discount and central checkout stores.
  • 4529 - Warehouse Club and Supercenters: Combined merchandise and grocery stores. Small general retail: dollar stores, catalog showrooms, trading posts, home and auto supply, variety stores.

453 - Miscellaneous Retail

  • 4531 - Florists
  • 4532 - Office Supply, Stationary, and Gift Stores: Stationary, school supplies; office supplies, furniture, and equipment, computers. Gifts, novelties, souveniers, greeting cards, seasonal and holiday, curios.
  • 4533 - Used Merchandise: Used items, antiques; used appliances, books, clothing, sporting goods, thrift shops.
  • 4539 - Other Retail: Pets, pet food and supplies, art, mobile homes, auctions, art supply, swimming pools and supplies, cemetery and decorative stone, candles, home security, collectibles, fireworks, trophies.

454 - Non-Store Retail

  • 4541 - Electronic Shopping and Mail Order: Catalogs, telephone ordering, online retail and auction, book clubs, home shopping television.
  • 4542 - Vending Machines
  • 4543 - Direct Selling: Door-to-door, home parties, newspapers, fuel delivery; food, coffee, and water delivery.

48-49 - Transportation and Warehousing


481 - Air Transport

  • 4811 - Scheduled Air Services: Commuter airlines, passenger airlines, cargo delivery, helicopter service, mail delivery.
  • 4812 - Unscheduled Air Services: Air taxis, air freight, charter airlines, unscheduled passenger flights, flying clubs.

482 - Rail Transport

  • 4821 - Railroads: Line-haul railroads, short-line railroads.

483 - Water Transport

  • 4831 - Maritime Shipping: Deep sea, coastal, inland sea and lake, freight, passenger.
  • 4832 - Inland Water Boats: Lake, river, intracoastal, canals, freight, passenger.

484 - Truck Transport

  • 4841 - General Freight: Freight pickup, sorting, terminals, line haul, local delivery. Trucking: local, long distance, truckload, less than truckload.
  • 4842 - Specialized Freight: Home and office moving. Local: agricultural, trash dump, boats, livestock, bulk liquids. Long distance: automobiles, refrigerated, bulk materials, waste hauling, hazardous materials.

485 - Transit and Ground Passengers

  • 4851 - Urban Transit: Mixed mode (rail and bus), commuter rail, bus and motor vehicle, cable car, light rail, tramway, monorail, trolley.
  • 4852 - Inter-Urban and Rural Bus
  • 4853 - Taxi and Limousine: Taxi services, limousine services.
  • 4854 - Dedicated Buses: School buses, employees buses.
  • 4855 - Charter Buses
  • 4859 - Other Transit: Special needs and handicapped transit, shuttle services, van pools.

486 - Pipelines

  • 4861 - Crude Oil Pipelines
  • 4862 - Natural Gas Pipelines
  • 4869 - Other Pipelines: Refined petroleum, specialty lines.

487 - Scenic and Sightseeing Transport

  • 4871 - Land Travel: Sightseeing buses, trolleys, steam trains, horse-drawn vehicles.
  • 4872 - Water Travel: Air boats, excursion boats, charter boats, harbor and dinner cruises.
  • 4879 - Other Travel: Aerial cable, trams, helicopter, balloon.

488 - Transport Support

  • 4881 - Air Support: Airports, traffic control, hangars, baggage and cargo handling, aircraft maintenance and test.
  • 4882 - Rail Support: Locomotive and car servicing, repair, and maintenance. Car loading and unloading, independent rail terminals.
  • 4883 - Water Support: Ports, harbors, canals, maritime cargo handling, ship docking, piloting, maritime traffic, tugboats, maritime salvage, floating drydocks.
  • 4884 - Road Support: Towing; bridge, tunnel, and road operations; pilot cars, vehicle delivery driving, weigh stations.
  • 4885 - Freight Arrangement: Freight forwarders, shipping agents, customs brokers.
  • 4889 - Other Transport Support: Carpool and van pool arrangement, stockyards, independent transport terminals, packing and crating services.

491 - Mail Transport

  • 4991 - Postal Service: Carrying letters, printed items, and packages. Mail acceptance, collection, processing, delivery; special services.

492 - Couriers and Messengers

  • 4921 - Courier and Express Delivery: Air courier, express delivery, courier service, pick-up and delivery locations.
  • 4922 - Local Messengers and Delivery: Bicycle, foot, small truck, and van delivery. Document, small goods, beverage, grocery, and meal delivery.

493 - Warehousing and Storage

  • 4931 - Storage Services: General storage, refrigerated storage. Specialized storage: bulk farm products, petroleum, lumber, documents, whiskey.

51 - Information


511 - Publishing

  • 5111 - Publications: Newspapers, periodicals, books, directories, mailing lists, calendars, cards, maps, comics, schedule guides, learned journals, newsletters, trade publications, atlases, religious works, textbooks, encyclopedias, technical manuals, travel literature, factual compilations, art prints. Writing, editing, design and layout, illustration, advertising.
  • 5112 - Software Development: Coding, testing, design, documentation, installation, support, reproduction, distribution.

512 - Video and Audio Production

  • 5121 - Video Production: Movies, videos, television, advertisements. Rights and distribution, exhibition at theaters and festivals, editing, conversion, titles and subtitles, credits, close-captioning, computer graphics, animation, special effects, film laboratories, props, costuming, stock footage, preservation.
  • 5122 - Audio Production: Contracting artists, finance, audio recording; audio release, promotion, reproduction, and distribution. Music publishing, studios, recording services.

515 - Broadcasting

  • 5151 - Audio and Video Broadcast: Radio studios, transmission, networks, and stations. Television studios, programming, transmission, and networks.
  • 5152 - Subscription Programs: Studios, production facilities.

517 - Telecommunications

  • 5171 - Wired Carriers: Internet, local and long distance voice. Television: cable, satellite, closed circuit.
  • 5172 - Wireless Carriers: Cellular, internet.
  • 5174 - Satellite Systems: Telecommunications, broadcast relay.
  • 5179 - Other Communications: Telecommunications resellers, satellite tracking, telemetry, radar, ground stations, dial-up internet.

518 - Data Services

  • 5182 - Data Processing and Hosting: Applications and Web hosting, scanning, storage, audio and video streaming, data input, microfilming, processor time and servers.

519 - Other Services

  • 5191 - Other Information: News syndicates, libraries, archives, internet websites and search portals, news clippings, stock photos.

52 - Finance and Insurance


521 - Monetary Authorities

  • 5211 - Central Banks: Currency production, money supply, reserves, inter-bank transactions, fiscal agents.

522 - Credit Activities

  • 5221 - Depository Credit: Commercial banks: commercial, industrial, and consumer loans. Savings banks, credit unions, industrial and private banks.
  • 5222 - Non-Depository Credit: Credit cards, sales finance, consumer finance, mortgages, international trade, secondary market pooling and securitizing, student loans, home equity finance, accounts receivables, pawn shops.
  • 5223 - Credit-Related Services: Loan brokers, transaction processors, clearinghouses, liquidity services, funds transfer, check cashing and money orders, loan servicing.

523 - Securities and Investments

  • 5231 - Agents and Brokers: Investment banks, securities dealers and underwriters. Investment fund and stock brokers, other securities and commodity dealers and brokers, securities exchanges.
  • 5239 - Other Investment Activities: Investment clubs, tax liens, royalties and leases, venture capital, trust and fund portfolios, financial advice and planning, escrow services, quotation services.

524 - Insurance

  • 5241 - Insurance Carriers: Life, annuities, disability, health and medical, automobile, property, casualty, title, mortgage, warranty, deposit, malpractice, personal bonds, reinsurance.
  • 5242 - Insurance Agents and Brokers: Policies, annuities, claims, administration, advisory, ratings.

525 - Pooled Assets

  • 5251 - Benefit Funds: Pensions, health and welfare, compensation.
  • 5259 - Investment Funds: Open-ended funds, trusts, estates, closed-end funds, unit trusts, specialized assets: collateralized mortgage obligations, real estate investment trusts, and others.

53 - Real Estate, Rental, and Leases


531 - Real Estate

  • 5311 - Real Estate Leasing: Residential, non-residential, self-storage, mobile home sites, vacant lots, grazing and farmland.
  • 5312 - Real Estate Agents and Brokers: Buying, selling, and rental agents.
  • 5313 - Real Estate Services: Residential and non-residential property management. Appraisal, escrow, and listing services.

532 - Rental and Leasing

  • 5321 - Vehicle Leasing: Passenger cars, trucks, utility trailers, truck tractors, buses, semi-trailers, recreational vehicles.
  • 5322 - Consumer Leasing: Electronics, appliances, formal wear, costumes, video disks, furniture, sporting and party equipment, home health and recreational equipment.
  • 5323 - General Rental: Audio and video, contractors and builder's equipment, home improvement, maintenance, and repair, lawn and garden equipment, moving and party items.
  • 5324 - Commercial and Industrial Leasing: Heavy construction, off-highway, mining, and forestry equipment. Ships, tugboats, aircraft, drilling equipment, cranes, and rail equipment. Office, manufacturing, metalworking, telecom, exhibition, theatrical, service machinery, and agricultural equipment.

533 - Intangible Asset Lease

  • 5331 - Intangibles Except Copyright: Patents, trademarks, brands, franchises, royalties, licensing.

54 - Professional, Scientific, and Technical


541 - Specialized Services

  • 5411 - Legal Services: Lawyers: criminal, corporate, family, estate, patent, real estate, tax. Notaries, document preparation, execution, and archiving. Process serving, paralegals, title abstract and settlement.
  • 5412 - Accounting Services: Bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, audit, financial statements, budgeting, advisory, billing.
  • 5413 - Architectural and Engineering Services: Residential, institutional, leisure, commercial, and industrial buildings. Landscaping: parks, public land, institutions, subdivisions, private property. Engineering: civil, environmental, construction, mechanical, drafting, inspection, geophysical, surveying, testing laboratories.
  • 5414 - Specialized Design: Interior, industrial, graphic, apparel.
  • 5415 - Computer Design: Software, integrated systems, facilities operation and support, installation, and recovery.
  • 5416 - Consultants: Management, planning, marketing, resources, scheduling, production, distribution, logistics, utilities, environmental, scientific and technical.
  • 5417 - Research and Development: Science and Engineering, biotechnology, social sciences and humanities.
  • 5418 - Advertising and Public Relations: Advertising agencies, public relations agencies, media buying and representatives, outdoor advertising, direct mail, advertisement distribution, advertising specialties, signs and displays, demonstration services.
  • 5419 - Other Services: Market research, polling, still and video photography, translation and interpretation, veterinary, appraisal except real estate, arbitration, commodity and line inspection, counseling, weather forecasting.

55 - Management


551 - Company Management

  • 5511 - Holding Company and Corporate Management: Banks, corporate, regional, subsidiaries.

56 - Organizational Support


561 - Administration

  • 5611 - Office Services: Planning, billing, record keeping, personnel, distribution, logistics.
  • 5612 - Facilities Support: Janitorial, maintenance, trash disposal, guard and security, mail routing, reception, laundry, operation support, private jail and correctional.
  • 5613 - Employment Services: Listing, referral, placement, search and recruitment. Baby sitter and maid referral, casting and model agencies. Executive and job specification, identification, screening, verifying, interviewing, negotiation, assimilation. Temporary help services, contract labor, full-time labor supply.
  • 5614 - Business Support: Document preparation: writing, editing, proofreading, typing, word processing, desktop publishing, stenography, transcription, secretarial. Call centers: answering and message relay, telemarketing, order-taking, soliciting, information provision. Service centers: mailbox, copying, office services. Collection agencies, credit bureaus, bulk mailing, live close-captioning, court reporting, repossession, fundraising.
  • 5615 - Travel Services: Travel agencies, tour operators, time-share exchanges, road and auto clubs, convention and visitors bureaus, ticket and reservation services.
  • 5616 - Investigation and Security: Investigations, detectives, guard and patrol, valuables transport, bodyguards, polygraph and drug testing, fingerprinting. Security systems: alarms, locks, gates, monitoring, safes and vaults.
  • 5617 - Building Services: Pest and extermination. Janitorial: custodial, cleaning and degreasing, window cleaning, housekeeping, washrooms, maid service. Landscaping: maintenance, installation, planning, design, outdoor construction. Cleaning: carpet and upholstery, exteriors, chimney, duct, drains and gutters.
  • 5619 - Other Services: Packing and labeling: fabric and apparel, kits, blister and shrink wrapping, gift wrapping. Organizing: convention and trade shows, conferences and meetings. Barter and exchange services, traffic control, decorating, inventory, cutting and piecing, grading, meter reading, diving services.

562 - Waste Services

  • 5621 - Waste Collection: Collecting and hauling hazardous, non-hazardous, and recyclable wastes. Transfer stations, removal of brush, rubble, and construction wastes.
  • 5622 - Waste Treatment and Disposal: Hazardous waste, landfill solids, combustors and incinerators, compost.
  • 5629 - Other Waste Services: Remediation: removal and clean-up of buildings, mines, soil, ground water. Rehabilitation: demolition, soil and waste water, hazardous materials, contouring, revegetation. Abatement: asbestos, lead paint, and other toxics. Recovery: separation and sorting. Biowaste: leasing, cleaning septic tanks, portable toilets, sewers, storm drains and basins, beach and park cleaning.

61 - Educational Services


611 - Education

  • 6111 - Child Education: Kindergarten, elementary, secondary, parochial, disables, academies.
  • 6112 - Junior Colleges: Academic and technical. Classes, workshops, laboratories, fieldwork, home study, remote correspondence, video training, internet and educational software.
  • 6113 - Higher Education: College, university, professional schools. Classes, workshops, laboratories, fieldwork, home study, remote correspondence, video training, internet and educational software. Specialties: theology, military science, business, medical, dental, law, nursing.
  • 6114 - Commercial Training: Clerical, secretarial. Information technology: programming, software, hardware, electronics, networking. Management and professional career development.
  • 6115 - Technical and Trade Schools: Vocational, apprenticeships, graphic arts, aviation, modeling, cosmetology, repair, real estate, truck driving, hair care, bartending, audio and video production.
  • 6116 - Other Schools: Fine arts: art, music, dance, performing arts, drama, photography. Sports and recreation: sports camps and instructors, cheer, riding, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, wilderness skills, climbing, skiing. Languages, tutoring, public speaking, automobile driving, test preparation.
  • 6117 - Education Support: Testing services, guidance, student exchanges.

62 - Health and Social Services


621 - Ambulatory Health Care

  • 6211 - Physicians: General and primary care, specialists: anesthesia, oncology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, analysis, surgery.
  • 6212 - Dentists: General dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics.
  • 6213 - Other Health Care: Chiropractors, optometrists, mental health. Physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Audiologists, acupuncture, dieticians, podiatrists, practical nurses.
  • 6214 - Outpatient Care: Family planning, birth control, fertility, mental and substance abuse, dialysis, community health, ambulatory surgical and emergency rooms, clinics, sleep disorders, preventive care, biofeedback, pain management.
  • 6215 - Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories: Medical and dental X-ray, pathology, imaging, testing, forensics, blood, bacterial, radiology, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography.
  • 6216 - Home Health Care: Nursing, personal care, homemaker, companion, physical therapy, medical social services, medications, equipment and supplies, occupational and speech therapy, diet and nutrition, audiology, high-tech care.
  • 6219 - Other Ambulatory: Ground and air ambulances, blood and organ donation and banking, pacemaker monitoring, fitness and health screening, smoking cessation, hearing tests.

622 - Hospitals

  • 6221 - General Medical and Surgical: Diagnostic and medical treatment, hospital beds, food services, analytical and laboratories, operating rooms, pharmacy.
  • 6222 - Psychiatric and Substance Abuse: Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring: beds, food services, psychiatric and social services, analytical and diagnostic testing, patient activities.
  • 6223 - Specialty Hospitals: (by disease or condition) Chronically ill, challenged and disabled, beds, food services, medical staff, analytical and diagnostic services, testing, educational, vocational, psychological, and social services.

623 - Nursing and Residential Care

  • 6231 - Skilled Nursing: Convalescent and nursing homes, assisted living, rest homes, hospices.
  • 6232 - Residential Facilities: Mental and physically disabled, mental illness, substance abuse. Group homes: medical care, room and board, supervision and counseling.
  • 6233 - Retirement and Elderly Care: Assisted living: room, board, supervision, daily assistance. Retirement communities, rest homes, social and leisure activities.
  • 6239 - Other Residential Care: Boot camps. Specialty group homes: blind and deaf, foster home, halfway house, unwed mothers, disabled, orphanages.

624 - Social Assistance

  • 6241 - Individual and Family: Child and youth: adoption service, foster care, drug prevention, life skills, social development, guidance. Elderly and disabled: day care, home care, homemakers, social activities, group support, companionship. Community action, marriage counseling, crisis help and suicide prevention, self-help.
  • 6242 - Relief Services: Community food: collection, distribution, preparation, kitchens, mobile. Housing: emergency shelter, homeless, runaway, medical, low income. Construction: low cost and repair, elderly, disabled, subsidized, own locations, mortgage or work equity. Emergency and disaster relief: food, shelter, clothing, medical services, resettlement, counseling.
  • 6243 - Vocational Rehabilitation: Job counseling, training, and work experience. Disabled training and employment.
  • 6244 - Child Day Care: Infants, preschool, nursery school, after school.

71 - Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation


711 - Performing Arts and Sports

  • 7111 - Performing Arts Companies: Theater: musical, opera, plays, comedy, improv, puppet, dinner. Dance: ballet, contemporary, folk. Musical: bands, groups, drill, orchestra, individual performers, carnivals, ice shows, circus, magic.
  • 7112 - Spectator Sports: Sports teams: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, jai-lai. Racetracks: automobile, dog, horse. Athletes: golf, boxers, race drivers. Owners: automobile, dogs, horses. Trainers.
  • 7113 - Promoters: Organize, promote, and manage: performing arts, sports, fairs, festivals. Operate: arenas, stadiums, theaters, venues. Booking agencies.
  • 7114 - Agents and Managers: Literary, performing, sports, celebrity, public figures, talent, modeling.
  • 7115 - Independent Talent: Actors, performers, artists, authors, endorsers, public appearing, producers, art restoration, audio and video recording technicians, cartoonists, costume design, lighting technicians, journalists.

712 - History

  • 7121 - Institutions: Museums: galleries, art, planetariums, science, statuary. Historical sites: buildings, event sites, archaeological, ships, villages. Parks: zoological, botanical, aquarium, wild animal, aviaries. Nature: sanctuaries, natural wonders, conservation, centers, preserves, parks.

713 - Recreation

  • 7131 - Amusement Parks and Arcades: Amusement and theme parks, arcades, gaming parlors.
  • 7132 - Gambling Venues: Casinos except hotels, bingo, poker, video gaming, lotteries, off-track betting, floating casinos, coin-operated gambling, bookmakers.
  • 7139 - Other Amusement: Golf courses and clubs, ski facilities, marinas. Centers: dance, exercise, skating, gymnasium, fitness, court sports, pools, bowling, miniature golf, archery and shooting ranges, day camps, billiards, recreational and youth sports, clubs, horse riding.

72 - Accommodations and Food


721 - Accommodations

  • 7211 - Travel Accommodations: Hotels, motels, resorts, casino hotels, bed and breakfast hotels, homes, guest houses, cabins, cottages.
  • 7212 - Recreational Vehicles and Campgrounds: Recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds. Campgrounds: vacation, fishing, hunting, outdoor adventure, community.
  • 7213 - Rooming and Boarding: Rooming and boarding houses. Fraternities, sororities, dormitories, residential clubs, worker's camps.

722 - Food and Drink

  • 7223 - Remote Food Services: Institutional, government, commercial, industrial, airlines, concessions, cafeterias, caterers, mobile vehicles and carts.
  • 7224 - Drink: Alcohol: bars, taverns, nightclubs. Other drinks.
  • 7225 - Restaurants: Full service. Limited service: delicatessens, pizza, buffets, take-out, fast food, sandwiches, cafeteria, grills with buffet. Specialty: ice cream, yogurt, cookies, popcorn, coffee, juice, soda, doughnut, bagel, pretzel.

81 - Other Services


811 - Repair and Maintenance Services

  • 8111 - Automotive Repair & Maintenance: Mechanical, electrical, engines. Garages, general auto repair, exhaust, transmission, brake, radiator, tune-up, customizing, interiors, body, paint, glass, air conditioning, tire, oil and lube, washing, rustproofing, detailing.
  • 8112 - Electronic and Precision Repair: Consumer electronics, computers, office machines, communications. Precision instruments: microscopes, radar, scientific, medical, surveying.
  • 8113 - Commercial and Industrial Repair: Blades, welding, agricultural, materials handling, machine tools, commercial refrigeration, construction, mining.
  • 8114 - Personal and Household Repair: Home: mowers and outdoor equipment, appliances, portable air conditioners, upholstery and furniture, footwear and leather, garments, jewelry, musical instruments, bicycles, motorcycles, motorboats, canoes, sailboats.

812 - Personal and Laundry Services

  • 8121 - Personal Care: Body: barber, stylist, beauty salon, nails, cosmetology, hair removal, permanent makeup and tattoos, ear piercing, bath and spa, hair replacement and weaving, tanning, massage, diet and weight reduction.
  • 8122 - Death Care: Funereal homes, services, transport, caskets, cremation. Cemeteries: operators, plots, pets, mausoleums.
  • 8123 - Dry Cleaning and Laundry: Coin laundry, laundry service, dry cleaning. Specialty cleaning: fur, leather, suede, wedding garments, hats, draperies, pillows. Commercial laundry: table and bed linens, towels, diapers. Uniforms: medical, personal care, serving staff. Industrial cleaning: protective clothes, clean room. Janitorial: mops, rugs, mats, shop cloths and towels.
  • 8129 - Other Personal Services: Pets: boarding, grooming, sitting, training. Photography: slides, prints, enlargements, rapid processing. Parking lots, garages, and valets. Bail bonds, shoeshine, storage lockers, escort service, buying service, wedding planner, dating service.

813 - Organizations

  • 8131 - Religious Organizations: Churches, shrines, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, temples, religious administration.
  • 8132 - Charitable Organizations: Grants-making foundations and trusts, health, educational, scientific, and cultural.
  • 8133 - Advocacy Organizations: Social: community action, firearms, conservation, human rights, environmental, wildlife. Rights: human, civil, senior, veterans, animal, taxpayers, peace.
  • 8134 - Civic and Social Organizations: Alumni, grange, auto clubs, parent-teacher, booster, scouting, ethnic, social, fraternal, veterans.
  • 8139 - Member Affairs Organizations: Business: agricultural, real estate, chamber of commerce, trade association. Professional: Bar associations, learned societies, dentists, engineers, standards, health, scientific. Labor organizations. Political: clubs, campaigns, committees, parties. Athletic, property owners, and resident's: condominium, homeowner's, tenants, and cooperatives.

814 - Private Households

  • 8141 - Household Operation: Cooks, maids, nannies, butlers, gardeners, caretakers, maintenance.

92 - Public Administration


921 - General Government

  • 9211 - Officials: Executive, legislative, advisory, public finance, councils, boards, native, commissions. Personnel and general services.

922 - Justice and Safety

  • 9221 - Justice and Safety Organizations: Courts, sheriffs. Law enforcement: criminal, civil, traffic. Legal: attorney general, public defenders, district attorney and prosecutors. Correctional: institutions, penitentiaries, detention, prisons, jails, parole, and probation. Fire fighting and safety, consumer safety, emergency and disaster planning and management.

923 - Administration

  • 9231 - Human Resource Administration: Education, public health, social programs, veterans affairs.

924 - Environment

  • 9241 - Environmental Quality: Air, water, solid waste, conservation, land survey, weather, public lands, wildlife.

925 - Locations

  • 9251 - Housing, Planning, and Community: Housing, urban planning, redevelopment, regional planning, zoning, rural communities.

926 - Economics

  • 9261 - General Support: Resources: business, industry, tourism. Transport: licensing, services, facilities, security, utility administration. Regulation: agricultural, commodities, retail trade, professional, manufacturing, mining, standards, hazards, alcohol, labor, banking, licenses, inspections, insurance, securities.

927 - Space

  • 9271 - Public Space: Research and technology, flights, exploration, centers.

928 - Security and International

  • 9281 - National Security: Armed forces: air, army, marine, guard, navy. Intelligence and international affairs.